Blog Mystery School, Part Three

I hope you found the first two tools useful. I got a number or responses after Part One but only a few responses after Part Two. Both of these tools can change your life as can tool number three. As I have said in the previous two Blog Mystery Schools, the techniques I share here have never appeared on the web or even in print before as far as I can tell.

The third tool is called The Observer. The Observer is a tool that will help you develop impartiality and become much more aware of who you are as you interact with the world. This tool is a part of you that you realize and utilize.

I want you to imagine that there is an observing extension of you that is 3 feet above watching and being fully aware. Take a few minutes right now, extend the observer and look down at yourself. What do you see? What can you sense? This may take some practice to grow this observer self. It is best to think of The Observer as innate potential waiting to be discovered.

(Excuse the digression but I had a flash of an image of the old Flip Wilson Show with the Devil and the Angel, one on each shoulder trying to get him to do what they tell him to do. This technique did not come from Swami Flip and it is truly a powerful tool for enriching your life.)

This observer is like a camera that is objectively recording how you are without judgment. The Observer sees, feels and senses what is going on and feed backs to you information about who you are. This information gives your valuable feedback so that you can be a more conscious and aware person and at the same time it is a useful tool to better create the life you want.

The Observer sees what works for you and what doesn’t. It sees when your heart is open or closed. It sees when you are living your truth and when you are in discontent. It sees you on purpose or without direction. It sees how you respond to others and how you take care of yourself. It sees your thoughts and emotions.

This tool offers a way for you to witness your own life free of judgment and the information will inspire the fullest realization of your potential and possibilities.

I encourage you to take the time to practice The Observer. The more you do the more positive benefits you will receive. Let me know how it goes. Leave me a comment or email me at