Cheney’s Law: Kingmaker and the Misleading of America

I am deeply concerned about the unchecked executive branch of our government and after watch the Frontline's program called “Cheney’s Law” Tuesday evening, I feel restless and disturbed. Dick Cheney is a danger to democracy and the balance of powers in government. He and his sadly delusional staff have done everything possible to steal power from Congress and to make the presidency unaccountable to the people. Catch the show online at I found it so disturbing that I can’t seem to get the program out of my mind.

The most upsetting thing about this is the arrogance of Cheney and his thinking that he is above the law and that the president should also be above the law. This is the kind of thinking our founding fathers were very concerned about. That is why impeachment was mentioned so often in the founding documents of this country. No man or woman is above the law; especially not an arrogant, deceitful and power hungry man like the vice president.

Cheney is the power in the White House and Bush is just a sad figure who views himself as above the people and guided by some mistaken thinking of his warped mind. Both lied us into the war in Iraq, which they started. Both ran up a huge debt when there was none. Neither have been the least bit concerned for our security only the profits of his friend. They have broken the laws of the Geneva Convention with their uncalled for torture. They have spied on Americans illegally and refused to be investigated. They have acted outside the law over and over again and still they sit in office without being held accountable. Congress has not shown up to do its job, instead it chose to just plays politics and lets this all go on.

OK if that isn’t a rant I don’t know what is. I guess the next step is up to us. What should we do? I want to get angry and shout from the top of a mountain that we are the deciders; we are the ones that this government was founded for not those hungry for power and control. I will instead remain peaceful and I invite you to not be in anger but with compassion for all beings. If together with focus we all join together in peace, we can take back this government. The fact is the United States of America is for the people not for Exxon, Blackwater, Halliburton, General Electric, Countrywide, the insurance and banking industry, and so many other companies that have gotten richer during this national disaster and world disgrace called Cheney and Bush.

If you don’t think it is a disaster ot disgrace then you need to turn off Fox News and start doing your own investigation. The approval rating of the president is at 24% and Congress is at 11%. Who is representing the people? Those numbers would say neither branch of government is coming even close.

Ok so I need to have at least one positive note. I am a fan of John Lennon because he spoke up for what he believed in. Yoko Ono and the country of Iceland have created a huge tower of light called the Imagine Peace Tower along the coast in Iceland. Have a look at this beautiful creation of human kind as a reminder to peace. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Imagine peace and imagine the impeachment of Cheney and Bush.