Night Noise and Mind Noise

I live in a quiet almost rural part of Boulder surrounded by green space and the houses in our neighborhood. Last night around 3:15 I heard the slamming of the metal gate that goes out to a trail and along the stream. Then I heard someone yell “put your hands up” and something else. Then I heard what turned out to be police officer yell several more times. The police car then pulled down the gravel pathway and turned on all its lights as he searched. I guess the person got away. Another officer joined the search and after awhile they left. There is lots of space to disappear out in the woods and fields around here. It was like we were watching a Cops show from the haze of a deep sleep. I do appreciate the work of those that keep us safe. This was a reminder even as safe as this place is that it is always smart to pay attention and be alert to our surroundings. Then I went back to sleep.

Speaking of paying attention. Yesterday I was hiking in the nearby mountains a little before sunset. For quite a long time I hiked without seeing anyone and I enjoyed that space to be alone in nature. Then my mind starting thinking about the mountain lions and bears that also wander about this area at this time of day and I thought how important it is to be aware of what is going on around me. It was interesting to watch my mind work and how after awhile I felt uneasy about the unknown.

The mind is a very powerful tool. It can keep you alert. It can align with your instincts and tune into all that is going on around you. It can take you down the road to fear or lead you up the road to joy and your highest expression. The mind can set you free or tie you up. You can live in the past with your thoughts or the future and totally miss the present. Here are 5 ideas to keep the mind as a positive and powerful asset to creating the life you want:

1. Keep the mind in the present moment. The best way to do this is to do practices that manage your mind. Meditation and the tools from my Blog Mystery School would work well.
2. Shrink the “inner critic.” There is a part of you that is a learned critic. This critic only makes you feel bad. Train your mind to be supportive, encouraging and inspired.
3. Let your mind relax more and allow your heart to be the guide. The heart is the source of love, compassion and deeper understanding.
4. Do things the mind enjoys. Activities like creativity, nature, exploring new ideas, reading, appreciating beauty, and being uplifted by the works and expression of others.
5. Do things with purpose in mind. A clear, focused and positive mind can create amazing results. A mind on a mission and filled with passion is unlimited in possibilities.

When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.

Whatever the mind of a person can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
W. Clement Stone

Enjoy the weekend.