We All Must Question What Is Going On

Today it is cold and snowing, yesterday it was 84 degrees and sunny. I have to admit to having a challenge adapting to this cold turn of events. That is only one of my challenges today. I find myself so challenged by how heartless and murderous the leadership of this country is. We have devastated Iraq and its millions of innocent people, sure there are some murderous and heartless people there too, but like here in America, they are a small minority. I cannot understand starting a war; by any standards of human decency that is wrong and to me it is simply committing murder for political reasons.

When are we as human going to evolve past that? When are we going to be wise enough to step past our egos? The President made some ignorant remark about Russia and World War III the other day. Are they mad enough to make Armageddon happen? Unfortunately, I think He and Cheney and the rest of the ego and greed driven crew are that mad. And WE let this insanity continue. Here is what I think everyone needs to question:

Make no mistake about it, Iraq is a political war about power not about Democracy. Should we allow this administration to continue to bankrupt us financially and morally in the name of power and greed?

• Terrorism is used by those who want us to be in fear. Should we really let fear run us? And should we let our government slide toward Fascism to supposedly protect us? Should the whole planet live in fear of a few radical groups?

• How come a supposed Christian Coalition backs the murder of Iraqis for political purposes? Is that really moral leadership and by whose jaded standards. Should we really follow anyone who thinks that way?

• How come Congress is not doing anything to stop this insanity? How come the polls all say America wants out of Iraq and no one stops this murdering President from continuing his ego driven insanity?

• Who is benefiting from this war? Is it the people of Iraq? NO! Is it our soldiers and military? NO! Is it the American taxpayer? NO! How about Blackwater and the other private security forces, Halliburton, the weapons making industry and the oil companies? YES!

There are so many more questions to ask. Please start asking them. Ask your elected representatives how come they are not doing their jobs? I suggest we fill their phone lines, the email boxes, their mail boxes and their offices with our questions, our demands that they do their jobs and stop the war in Iraq.

Leadership gets respect when it acts respectfully. This leadership is a disgrace to higher human values. Heartless ego driven stupidity is not the way to deal with the world problems. It has never worked and never will; we have proved that over and over again in history.

I know, I am upset and I will work on not being so much so. I am pro-peace but today more anti-war and that is because I cannot imagine how we have allowed this insanity to continue. I am fed up with the rhetoric and the political games. It is all a bunch of BS that is disgusting waste of the human capacity to think with vision, to resolve problems with wisdom, and to have true compassion for life. I will try to be less pissed off and more peaceful but I must admit that I may need to stop reading what is going on because I find myself upset regularly.

We need some conscious, creative and compassionate solutions. What are your ideas?