Is It Time To Shift From Complaining To Response Ability?

I have been ranting too much lately about what is going on in Washington DC. That means I have been asking questions and exploring what is going on. It also means that I have slipped more into blaming and complaining. Blaming and complaining is not the place I want to be because it is a powerless state of mind. If there is something wrong I need to take responsibility for it. In other words I have to claim my response ability.

I write partly to claim my response ability and to encourage readers to be aware of what is going on and get involved. I can also move into action and call or write my elected officials. I can join with others and participate in joint action. I can give money and support to organizations that represent directions in government I support. My thoughts that are blaming and complaining are disempowering to me; but my action steps are empowering.

Response ability is taking back my own power. Blaming and complaining brings more blaming and complaining. So the challenge for me at times is to read what is going on and then to think what can I do to move things in a positive direction? This means that I take responsibility for my own reactions and transform them into actions that can make a difference.

I see our government as a reflection of us. If the government is acting aggressive and controlling then it reflects the needs of the people that must be also aggressive and controlling. I see the whole terror campaign as a way to create fear and keep people under control. If the government fears its own people, spying on them, suppressing opposition, and denying rights then it is because the people allow that to happen because they are afraid. Does that make sense to you?

What this all means on a personal level is that our thoughts and reactions, emotions and fears all shape not only our world but the large community, state and nation. All of us have an affect on the each other. The best you and I can do is to keep our mind focused on a healthy, empowered responses. Do something that feels right rather then complaining.

That is what started Peace Together. We decided we needed to get up off the couch, stop complaining and move into positive action. We are both creative people so we came up with positive messages for peace t-shirts. We chose positive messages because we felt anti-war messages are complaining and blaming. Anger at a peace rally seems to us in contradiction to creating peace. Now we are growing Peace Together with an advisory board and new project ideas. So it has gone past just the two of us. We have a newsletter if you want to get involved.

The important thing to remember is that if you want to see positive change in the world, be that positive change and feel how good it feels to claim your response ability.