A Radically Empowering Perspective

I have been listening in on my self-talk lately. The reason I am paying particular attention to my self-talk is because what goes on in my head has a large influence on what happens in my life. My thinking and your thinking shape our experiences of life. So I thought I better make sure my inner dialogue was what I needed to continue to create the life I want. How is your inner dialogue? Is it supportive or a hindrance?

As I have shared lately I have been listening to Ask and It Is Given on CD by Abraham/Hicks and have found it to be a radical change from most of the training and conditioning I received growing up. I find these lessons radical because it puts into question most of the limiting beliefs I was taught in my family, my Catholic schooling and by society. There is so much here I find refreshing and liberating. This perspective represents the highest and most conscious human viewpoints. Whoever Abraham is makes little difference because the wisdom makes sense and feels in the heart to be true. . I want to share some of what I have benefited from in this CD series.

First for me is the idea that our desires are the driving force to our evolution. I have written about that below in another blog titled The Transformation Gene: Desire. Desire is not a sin, or wrong, or selfish or a cause of our suffering. Desire is the call for us to be more and do more with our life.

Second, I don’t know about you but I was taught over and over again about not being selfish. Those lessons seem so stifling to me. The viewpoint here in these CD’s honors the fully exploration of who we are and what we want. If we don’t take care of our own needs and wants than how could we possibly be good at caring for others? Self-care opens our hearts to loving others.

Another idea is that there is plenty of all we need to go around. This is much different than the scarcity viewpoint I was taught. It comes from the viewpoint that we can create all we need and so can everyone else. I am not talking about, “the one with the most things wins” point of view. I talking about the abundance of the world and if we all got together in a caring way, all needs would be provided for richly. Hoarding and greed comes from the scarcity viewpoint which is simply faulty thinking.

A Fourth idea I find worth exploring is that of deserving. I don’t know about you, but I received a lot of messages growing up about not deserving or not being enough. Those lessons were taught to us by people that were taught the same limiting ideas. You are enough and you do deserve so please stop those thoughts in your head. They are incorrect and so limiting.

A fifth idea is the stream of well being image which I like so much. I wrote about that too in a previous blog. I love this image of a flowing energy field you and I can tap into that will enable us to create the life we want. Of course that energy field exists because that is the flow of particles existing in everything including you and I. For it to be a stream of well-being sounds so nurturing to me.

A sixth perspective worth examining is that struggle isn’t necessary. Minds filled with struggle are minds that have not found their true source within. This source is you and your connection to Source Energy. You are always one with the source of all creation. Any other belief is false. Free yourself to be who you are effortlessly and easily.

The 22 exercises at the end of this book is an incredible treasure of useful and inspirational strategies for you to create an amazing life for yourself and those you care about.

I am very grateful to this inspirational book and CD’s for they have truly and will continue to enriched my life.