Blog Mystery School, Part Four

Welcome to the Blog Mystery School’s fourth lesson. The past three have been techniques that have never before been shared on the web or in written form. Each was very unique and if you tried them out, you also discovered their power. Today’s technique is a very unique meditation that is passed on from over 3000 years of tradition. The Inner Sound Meditation is different than most other types of meditation. I share this method cautiously because learning it directly from a teacher would be more beneficial.

The Inner Sound Meditation is practiced best with some type of earplugs and where it is very quiet. The goal here is to tune into your own inner sound vibration. This sound is very subtle and most likely will take some time to hear it. The sound is a barely audible hum and it is difficult to hear unless there is real quiet in the room or space you practice in.

The power of the Sound Meditation is it takes you on your own inner vibrations along a pathway to a higher consciousness. This vibrational sound is the sound of all of life and resonates with the whole planet and universe. If you can hear it and ride its vibrations, you can make contact with the Divine Source in you and in everyone.

Sit in a quiet space; earplugs help to deepen the inner listening. Then explore until you find your inner vibrational sound. Once you have heard and felt it, let yourself go exploring to see where it takes you. When thoughts or feeling come up while following the sound, just set them aside and return to being with the sound.

There is no goal here except to be with the sound. If the sound takes you to unity with all of life that is simply you being with the sound. At some point you may even come in touch with the over 3000 years of tradition this meditation has and the long line of meditators who have explored it.

As with all the other techniques I share here, I have extensive experience with this meditation and I can tell you it is worth exploring and you will appreciate the benefits. I have shared this meditation in this blog but finding a meditation teacher can be very beneficial.

Please as always, let me know how it goes. I welcome your comments and questions.