The Blog Mystery School, Part One

Today I am starting a new series of articles that I am calling The Blog Mystery School. Over my 35 years of exploring the mysteries of life and the human potential, I have been very fortunate to learn a number of inner practices taught by advanced souls. On Wednesdays, I will share one of these practices or viewpoints so that you can make use of them. These tools are passed on verbally and most are unavailable in written form. I will attempt to briefly describe these practices in the hopes that you will take them and explore the potential and power of each tool. You will become your own master of the techniques that have meaning for you. Each one I share has the capacity to take you to a much higher state of self-realization. Please know that only the ones who are ready will fully understand the depth of potential in each technique.

The first technique is used to take you out of your head and the endless roar of thoughts that occur there. Thoughts obviously have many benefits but also can tie you up in confusion and overload. Foot Focusing will quiet the mind by changing your focus. This technique has the potential to take you as high as you want to go in this lifetime even to unity with the Infinite Source.

Whatever you are doing right now take a few minutes to breathe and allow yourself to slow down. . . . . . . . . . . . . Now bring your attention to your feet and just be aware of them in your shoes or touching the floor or wherever they are. If you were to select a foot that could lead your towards higher self-realization what foot would your choose?  I know this is kind of an odd question. Let you intuition be your guide. Left or right doesn’t really matter.

The chosen foot is nothing special but just a focal point. Here is what you do. Become sensitive to that foot now. Place it solidly on the ground and feel it making contact. Also feel that foot connected to your ankle, your leg, and your body. You could even imagine a slight vibration coming from that foot’s contact with the Earth. Focusing on the foot slows the mind down. You can focus on your foot: while eating, attending meetings, in conversation with others, waiting in line or traffic, as a form of walking meditation or just about anywhere and anytime. The foot focusing will help you be more present to whatever you are doing and it will help in quieting the busy mind down to a level of optimal functioning. The more you practice the sensing of your foot the more powerful its results. This practice may seem out of the ordinary, it is, and it is powerful and worth your time to explore.

I have found this technique most powerful on walks. As soon as I focus on my left foot, I naturally slow down and start being more fully present to the world around me. I am a big fan of walking meditation and this method works very well.

A word of caution is necessary here. This technique can alter your state significantly enough that it may cause you to want to seek a quiet place to explore the depth of experiences that are coming up. This is generally not a concern but be aware that there is more going on in your inner landscape than you may realize. It is highly unlikely that the technique will cause this kind of strong response. However, if it does there are great benefits from just sitting down and being with what is going on emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This kind of depth exploration can be transformative.

Let me know how this goes for you. Please leave a comment or question below.  If you find this beneficial and know of others who would also value these ideas, send them a link to my blog and have them check it out. Next week I will do part two of The Blog Mystery School