People With Purpose and The Power of Speaking Up

People With Purpose

I hope you found my last few posts helpful and encouraging. I have felt very inspired lately and I trust you have picked up some inspiration too. I wanted to remind you that I am available for coaching and consulting for you and someone you think my benefit from my services. My purpose is to encourage the best in you and to assist you so you might realize a life of joy, love, peace and success. I have a new program that I am creating called People With Purpose. I am focusing on helping: people in transition; people who want more meaning in life; and on those who feel frustrated with their jobs or situations and want to head in a more positive and successful direction. I will offer an assessment of what is in your way, a plan to get you heading in the right direction, and a program of tools and practices that will make success a given.

I am very excited about this new focus probably because it is so aligned with my own inner work over the past 30 years. I have been on a journey of purpose and meaning. The evolution of this exploration has taken me into a great depth of understanding and compassion for what the realization of self takes. There are many challenges along the way to freeing yourself to be the person we want to be. A guiding light can be a great help especially to those caught out in the storm of life and are seeking a safe port for reassessment, renewal, and for relocating yourself and your purpose. I can be that source of light for balance, focus, health and full expression.

I can be reached at for questions and to explore new or refocused directions. The first 30 minute phone consult is free. If you want: more meaning in your life, to feel on purpose, to be filled with passion, or to be at peace inside, I can help.

The Power of Speaking Up

Today I want to write about the importance of speaking up for what concerns you, what matters to you and what you see as important. Speaking up could come in the form of a confidential conversation with a friend you are concerned about. It could come at work where you feel things have gone off track. Speaking up in your community could make where you live a more interactive and supportive environment. You can speak up to companies whose products or services may be missing the mark. Feedback, where it is valued, can make a real difference.

Then there is feedback to those who represent us in local, state and national government positions. These people count on our feedback so they can represent us. Now I know I am a little jaded on this topic especially on a national level. There is so much influence playing in Congress that it is easy to feel the individual doesn’t make a difference. That is not so. Our Representatives and Senators when then get a letter or email know someone has taken the time to write them and that they better pay attention. There are many of us out here who have many questions about what is going on. How many of you actually sit down and call or write to share your concerns, to back a proposed bill, to act as a witness to what is going on, to speak up for what you see as important, right, fair, and just?

Not many I suspect. I will tell you why. The reason you don’t is because you doubt that your opinion matters or will be heard. That is faulty thinking and just not true. Sure there is much money flowing to convince Congress of their agenda but that money does not have you in mind. You are much more powerful then you realize. Here are some questions that I suggest Congress needs some feedback about:

Do you support the huge deficit this president is creating and this Congress is supporting? This debt will go on the backs of the next administration and future ones and your children.

Do you support a better medical and health insurance plan for all Americans especially the children of our nation?

Should the wealthiest be given the most tax breaks?

Should banks be allowed to charge customers whatever they want especially for credit cards?

Should the war in Iraq just be allowed to go on until this President can pass it on the next administration to end this totally unnecessary war?

Should we bomb Iran because we don’t like their democratically elected leader?

Who is paying for this war, those that are getting all the tax breaks?

Is education in this country taking a back seat to bombs, weapons, power and greed?

Who is looking out for the health of the planet so we can have air to breathe and water to drink? Is it the corporations that are trying to buy up all the water resources?

Who is making alternative fuel a priority when oil profits are astronomical?

Ok I will stop. You can see my biases in my questions. You too have biases. Are you speaking up or just getting resentful. Please let’s us all write and write and call and call until we get this country heading in the right direction. We are the leaders, the spokespersons we have been hoping for. Be courageous and speak up and be the power to make a difference.