Open the Flow and Then the Door

I want to share a couple of images/ideas with you today. The first one is that all that we want is available to us if we allow the energy to flow. I was thinking what would help the energy flow for me. If I sat comfortable and just imagined myself opening and letting energy flow through every particle of my being, would that work. So I decided to give it a try.

I did that by going to a quiet place and deepening my breath. My goal was to breathe more fully which would naturally cause me to relax and be in a more open state. In this relaxed and open state I visualized energy in the color of a golden white flowing through my body, mind, emotions and spirit and any energetic layers around me, In my minds eyes I saw this energy passing through all my bones and muscles, though my organs, through all the cells I am made of and all the particles that make up the cells. This energy flow now fully opens me to the richness of Source Energy and aligns me perfectly with the Stream of Well-Being. Now anything that I desire can be manifested.

The second image/idea is one of a doorway. I am standing on one side of the door and all that I have ever asked for is on the other side of the door. All I have to do open the door and all of it will become available to me. That door represents any resistance I have ever had to having what I want.

To open the door I need to be clear that I can have what I want, what I desire. I take some time to clear up my doubts and step forward to grab the door handle. What would get in my way from turning the handle and opening the door? The only thing I can imagine is some faulty thoughts that need to be replace. I reach for the door knob and as I turn the handle I feel so full of positive expectation that I am filled with excitement for what I will now receive. Is having what I want that close? Could it be that close for you?

I will let you know because in the next few days I will fully explore opening myself to the full flow of energy from Source. Then I will go to the door and open it. Stay tuned to hear about my wonderful outcome. Are you ready to do the same? Ask, open to the flow of energy and then open the door to all you desire. Be willing to receive, to have all you want, to enjoy the most incredible life. Then you will be free and you can join me in living and celebrating life as fully as we can. Thank you Abraham and Ester Hicks for your inspirational book Ask and It Is Given

Let me know how it goes and will you be joining me for dinner at the banquet of life?

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