Blog Mystery School Part Four (A)

Today is the Blog Mystery School Day and this is where unique practices to expand consciousness our shared.  Today I want to share with you the importance of understanding what is running you.  This tool is called the Self Finder.  Each of us is made up of a collection of selves that when they take over we cannot see the world from any other perspective than of the self in charge.  This is going to be a little complicated to share so I want to see if I can describing this in a way you can understand.  

Imagine a large circle (that being you) and in the large circle is a number of different size circles kind of like a pizza with different size slices of pepperoni.  Each smaller sized circle represents a self in you.  So here are some of the selves that could be part of you:
Parental                 Playful                  Responsible Employee
Fearful                  Complainer            Friendly
Meal Maker            Stay up late           Exercise Avoider
Happy Eater           Church Goer          Music Enjoyer
TV Watcher            Good Neighbor      Avoider
Excuse Maker          Creative               Money Saver
Free Thinker           Rule Follower       Approval Seeker
Impartial                Self-Judging         Morning Routine
Just to name a few of the hundreds or more selves that make us up.  Each self when you are in that self runs your show.  So if the Rule Follower is the self in charge in the moment it will do what is right according to the rules it thinks are there.  The Approval Seeker always tries to get people to like him or her.  The Fear of Failure self may shrink away from opportunities because of the unknown.  The habit driven Morning Routine self may totally miss what is going on around them because they are so caught up in their routine.  The Meal Maker self may make the same dishes over and over out of habit and fear of failure.

Those are some examples of how the selves work.  As I was saying these selves are powerful and all inclusive.  When you or I are in one of the selves they can be blind to other points of view.  In that self, you are sure it’s perspective is the only reality.  A Political Opinion self may not be able to see past its biases.  These selves come and go throughout the day.  The Morning Routine is usually only there in the morning.  The Responsible Employee may show up before work getting worried about being late or it might show up during the work day always trying to do everything right.  You define each self.  The self is driven by its understanding of what needs it meets for you.  The ego is the creator of selves as a way to adapt to the environment.

As you can see there is much to explain about this.  This is Part Four A and it will take at least one or two others Mystery School Blogs to further clarify.  

So your goal if you choose to play along with this exploration is to spend the next week seeing if you can notice selves in you and how they run you.  Fear selves are usually big and can be caught in action if you are watchful.  Speaking of watchful, the big goal here is to develop enough impartiality (Impartial Self) so that you can see when a self takes over and you can choose to not have it run your life in the moment.  When a self is running you; you simple are not in the moment.  Impartiality gives you the power you need to take back your life from your habit driven, trance like, self-programming.  Freedom is a very good thing if you want a spontaneous, loving, joyous and peaceful life.

So find the selves, notice how they work, avoid self-criticism, you can even appreciate how the self has served you and then make other choices.  Be playful and enjoy this exploration for it will set you free to enjoy a more liberated and creative life.

If you have questions leave a comment and I will respond or email me at  This exploration of self can be a very enlightening experience.