In The Flow and Knowing Where To Go

Yesterday’s Blog Mystery School will be continued next week. The concepts are worth exploring because they can set you free by being more aware of how you unconsciously run your own life.

Last night after midnight I began my novel writing for National Novel Writing Month. I wrote for an hour and completed four pages. The goal is to write about 1666 words, which is about 4 pages and will add up to 50,000 words and about 120 pages by the end of November. I am so excited about this project and my plot and story line have me very motivated. This novel is about ideas and thoughts that have meaning to me and hopefully to all who read it. My plan is to share some ideas as I go along this month.

I am writing this novel without attachment to results. I don’t want it to be something I work hard at. My goal is to make it as effortless as possible. Like I do with the blog. I let my intuition, creativity and heart take over and let my fingers do the dance over the keys. That way my ego plays a minor role and my higher self does the creation. It is so much easier this way. My goal in life is similar. I want to be free of ego’s need to look good and be right and instead live my life in connection with the higher and wiser part of me.

That goes with the flow of prosperity and abundance also. I am open to the flow, have dissolved all my limiting beliefs and any other resistances and now ready to enjoy the richness of the universe. There is no having to make it happen. There is no job that is the source of my supply. There is no need to fear. Instead there is trust in the Source of all of creation and in my higher self, which is one with that Source. Anything less then my complete acceptance of this Oneness is the work of social conditioning and the ego. That is faulty thinking and limited beliefs.

Would you like to join me and set yourself free? We can explore and expand as we go. I did want to say this process is a learning one and I sense I am still growing into the possibilities in me.

The more insight you and I gain as we go the more we will open to the greater knowing and flow within us. Here are three things I suggest you do in the next few days to get yourself heading in the right direction as all levels of your being.

1. Take some time to listen inward and decide what you want your life to be like; get a good feel for that life. Sense that life as if you were already living in it. Invite your higher self to be part of the process. Create an inner vision of that life and become very tuned into how living that life would enrich you and those you care about.
2. Make a commitment to live this life by being open to the guidance and flow of the Source of the universe. Listen to your higher knowing each day when you first wake up. Do your best to follow the guidance given by this higher knowing and by the wisdom of your heart. Make this morning meditative listening and visioning something you do each day.
3. As you plan your day to reflect your higher knowing be aware of the parts of you, the thoughts in you that want to get in the way. Thank them for their concern and then move past them into what you feel is right being and right action. Always do your best to act from your highest knowing. Be kind and of service to others along the way and all will begin to come into the light of the vision you hold.

Free to be the highest and best expression of who you are. That is living an amazing life.