This President Makes Bill Clinton Look Like A Saint In Comparison

I thought the title might get your attention. First the writing is flowing as far as the novel goes. I now have over 6000 words 17 pages from day one’s effort for National Novel Writing Month. I feel so energized when I write that I can’t help but feel like I am onto something with this novel. The novel is about a sports writer and blogger who all of a sudden finds that there are messages coming through his fingers that are from the Source of the universe also known as God. This Source has decided to speak through the sport writer to set the record straight about who he is and what the real truths are. This force from Source is full of love and also has had enough of what is falsely said in his/her name. So through the sports blog he/she will share with the world what is the truth and how we can live by it.

The writing project feels like it is being written by forces guiding my fingers as to what to say. I try to stay out of the way of the flow. I have been writing about flow a lot lately and I know that is because of the flow I long to create in my own life and on the planet.

It feels like a very interesting time in life for me. I am filled with inspiration and excitement for living and at the same time I have this inner disquiet about the political insanity of our national leadership and the course of the country and the world. I want to live fully in the inspiration but also feel like I must pay attention to what is going on in Washington DC and in Iraq. I am both a person of consciousness, compassion and creativity and an involved citizen feeling this country is on a precipice and about to fall into even more of a mess then this President has already created. I have little doubt that before he is out of office he will attack Iran and by executive order subverted even more of the laws of the land. This guy and his arrogance is wreaking havoc on the constitution and most of the people in the country are not even paying attention.

The small turnout of the people at the peace march last weekend spoke loudly about the lack of involvement. In some parts of the country there were large turn outs but the whole nation needs to show up. Or frankly we as a country will be in serious trouble. We must show up as citizens to stop the rush to war in Iran and the subversion of the law by the executive branch. If we do not then we are to blame.

Congress is not doing their job providing the oversight. They just basically let this president and his VP do what ever they want. When they do attempt to stand up to what is going on, the president gets upset and then writes his little amendments to negate any laws that gets passed that he doesn’t like. His actions in doing this are unprecedented and should be of huge concern to every citizen. This is the end of democracy in the making. The subversion of the constitution by this mad president makes Bill Clinton look like a saint in comparison.

Are you aware of all that is going on to ignore the laws of this great country? The attorney general nominee can’t even rule out torture of any form if he is appointed to the office. Why has torture been used and become ok with this president? That has never before happened in the modern history of our country. Why has it been ok that we were lied into the War in Iraq? That too has never happened in the modern history. What about the spying on Americans? I know two peaceful fellow citizens that get harassed at airports because the USA is spying on them. The President said something about WWIII the other day as if he would be part of creating such a monstrous insanity. I read in the Washington Post that the president is upset that he isn’t get his way all the time so he is writing administrative orders that make up his own laws. This right of administrative orders have rarely been used by other presidents but this president has used them hundreds and maybe even thousands of times???

Ok if that doesn’t move you to concern then I suspect you are trying to not get involved because you don’t like politics. Well you may not like it but it is affecting your life every day and that is a reality of living in this world. I hope you will join me and get involved in whatever way you can.