4 Factors That Will Shape This Day

Today is a day just like any other, or is it. Well let’s put it this way: you have a heck of a lot to say about how this day will turn out. You can shape it with your thoughts, reactions, heart and higher knowing. Let me show you what I mean.

If your thoughts are open and optimistic then you will most like have an outcome that is positive and enjoyable. This is true even if it is different then you thought it would be because of your openness to flow with what is. If your thoughts are closed and negative, you can guess what kind of day you will have. How well do you direct your thoughts?

Sure there are circumstances that will be part of the outcome. Your level of reaction to these situations that present themselves will determine your experience. If the day begins to unravel and you reset your course and start creating what you want in a new way, then there are good possibilities that things will work out well for you. If things seem to not be working out and you get upset or angry then the scenario looks more bleak. Which way in your past have you been inclined to go?

The heart is a powerful guiding force in you. Your heart can guide you to: self-care, the right relationships, healthy friendships, and positive interactions with the world around you. If the wisdom of the heart is ignored it can lead to self-neglect, dysfunctional relationships, friendships that don’t give back, and a world that is not supportive to who you are. There is a simple feedback the heart provides you with: it is called expansion or contraction. In any given situations the heart will either expand and open or contract and close. Which will take you to the life you want, the opening or the closing? Which is the most tread on path for you? Special Note: This excludes sexual urges, which can through off the accuracy of the heart messages as you well know.

There is in you a higher knowing. I have talked about that in past blogs. This knowing may come to you as an intuition, an inner still voice or in other forms. This is not the ego. If there is fear involved in guiding you, it is the ego. The higher knowing is the part of you that is connected to the Ultimate Source of the Universe. I personally am unsure what or who that is, but I am confident there is a higher knowing because myself nor anyone I know, created the universe. Caution: Anyone that tells you they know who or what that Higher Source is, I would doubt no matter what evidence they have. This higher knowing is a deeply personal thing for you to explore and understand. If you are willing to listen inward to the higher wisdom, you will always be guided. Do you take the time to listen inward? Are you self guided or other guided in your relationship with the higher source?

Now go have has as wonderful a day as you want.