Exploring Creative Expression Takes You Higher

Yesterday was a very fun day for Bobbi and I. It is Open Studios weekend. It is when all the local artists open their studios and let people come and see their work, explore their methods and talk with them. Friday night was the opening at the library where you get to preview an example of all the artist’s works. The place was crowed and abuzz with excitement. That is what real creativity does. It awakens us to feel alive and in touch with the possibility in all of us. Creativity is a truly wonderful exploration of the human potential.

Think of how creativity impacts our lives in so many positive ways. Look around you; much of what you see in the human made world came from creative ideas. Think of TV, movies, books, art, music, design, architecture, dance, business, food, photos and so many other creative expressions that richly color your and my life. Where does your creativity come out? How are you called to express your creativity further?

When we got home from the Open Studio, we took out our art supplies and went to work on expression our creativity. We both are in a phase where we enjoy doing collage work. I love this form of creativity because you can bring together a collection of media (paints, picture, textures, fabric, things from nature and more) and then make up your designs. I recently took one of my old favorite books Be Here Now by Ram Dass and tore it up and made a serious of collages about humans waking up to their higher nature. Sometimes I do themes and other times I put together collages for their colors and designs. This is so much fun and creativity is so uplifting.

One of the artists we talked with yesterday has these plays on words that are so full of inspiration. Isle of View (say the title out loud) is the name of his deck of inspiring ideas. You can check him out at www.isleofview.biz. Russell McDougal is a character worth meeting if you want to see a creative person on fire about his creations.

Another artists we very much appreciated was Christopher Brown whose photos will cause you to look with wonder at what he captures with the camera. Check him out for inspiration at http://www.chrisbrownphotography.com.

The painters we saw did beautiful and amazing work. It was so uplifting. Art is such a gift to the artist and to the world.

Check to see if there is some kind of open studios program in your community and get to know people who express themselves creatively. They are fun people to know and they will inspire you.

I hope you find some inspiration today and let yourself blossom into an amazing creation of the potential within you.