Life Review: A Self-Assessment Tool

Fall is an excellent time for a review of your life. Check in with yourself and see what areas are growing and what areas need attention. Please remember to not judge who you are unkindly. I mentioned that often because we have all had overly critical feedback at some point early on in life and that sets up own harsh self-criticism. Do this assessment I created  with kindness and honesty; it is information for you and for your future success and well-being.

The following are some simple measures that can help you do a thorough assessment of how you are doing at a number of levels. Please rate yourself on a 1-5 star rating scale. * = Needs improvement, ** Something happening, *** Making it happen, **** Good things going on, ***** Excellent and get better

1. How well do you take care of your fitness and health? Your Star rating for fitness is: _______ , for health _______
2. How well do your nurture you mind with new ideas, positive thoughts and times for quiet? Star rating for all three parts, new ideas: ______ , positive thoughts: ______ and quiet times: ______
3. How are you doing with paying attention to your emotions and taking care of them? Star rate paying attention _____, and care of emotions: ______
4. How open are you in your heart towards yourself, those you love and others? You______, Those you love ______, Open to others ______
5. How do you do socially, do you interact with a number of people or spend too much time alone? Star rate: ______
6. How well do you nurture your spirit or soul? Rate: _______
7. How well do you examine issues, do you look below the surface in search of the truth? Star rate: ______
8. How well do you live according to the values you believe in? Rate yourself for you congruency ______
9. How well do you pay attention to your intuition, your inner knowing? Star rate: ______
10. How open are you to feedback and learning from others? Star rate: ______
11. How are you with setting up plans and following through? Rate planning: ______, follow through: ______
12. How good are you at taking action about things that matter to you? Star rate: ______
13. How clear of picture or vision do you have of the life you want to create? Star rate: ______
14. How well do you know and live your life’s purpose? Rate know: ______ and live: ______
15. How would you assess your career progress? Star rate: ______
16. How well are you dealing with stress and the fast paced world you live in? Star rate: ______
17. How good are you at money management? Star rate: ______
18. How effective are you at creating the results you want? Star rate: ______
19. Your satisfaction with where you life is now? Star Rate: ______
20. How much do you love your life and have fun and enjoyment? Star rate: ______

Now you have a way to measure how things are going for you. You will see clearly that some aspects of you life is going ok to well (3 to 5 stars) and some areas are in need of attention (1-3 stars). Again the reminder about no harsh judgment allowed. This is just helpful feedback. Use it to make continual improvement and watch your life take off. I hope this is helpful information? If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at I can help you get you on track and thriving in any of these areas.