The Coming Wisdom Culture

Is there any doubt that we will have challenging times ahead? Difficulty tends to bring to the surface those capable of aiding a transition to a better world. The period we are living in will bring out the best in people to offset the dysfunction of government and the business sector. The stronger values, the open minds, and the more expanded hearts of individuals and the collective consciousness will win out. There is a growing recognition that the wisest and most conscious will guide us when they are most needed. This wisdom culture is the product of our times created by human intuitive knowing to aid humankind. Below you will find 9 signs the wisdom culture is rising to the top and energizing positive change.

1. The people are questioning what is going on in government and insisting they be heard and represented.
2. People seek spiritual growth outside of the confines of traditional religion.
3. The realization that Earth must be taken care of as a way to care for future generations.
4. Corporate power is challenged and the profit motive becomes secondary to what is best for the people.
5. Compassion, kindness and caring become the guiding forces for healing human suffering.
6. The realization of shared hopes, dreams and desires between all people is much more powerful than their differences. We are all one.
7. Consciousness expands and many people awaken to their higher values and the expression of their unique purpose.
8. Harmony and peace become the goal; conversation and relationship building become the way.
9. The ways of power and greed give away to what is good for all and prosperity spreads outward to everyone.

What other signs do you think we will see when the higher forces spread light into limits of our present direction? What higher wisdom and heart do you have to give? How will you be part of the expanding light? What is the next step you need to take to assist your higher realization? Are you willing to commit to express your highest potential whatever obstacles might arise?

Now more than ever, you at your best is needed.