Sunday, Religion, Spirit and You

Today is Sunday, the traditional day set aside for your spiritual nourishment. When I was growing up Sunday was the day we went to church because that is what we did. I found it mostly uninteresting than and I still do now. As I grew into adulthood I found the spiritual part of me longed for nourishment so I explored numerous practices and went to different kinds of services.

In my exploration I found that most Christian churches left me feeling as if my soul was not nurtured there. There were a bunch of concepts that left me questioning. The God of this religion seemed mean and controlling or maybe it was His/Her self-proclaimed representatives her on Earth. I wondered why the teachings of love seemed to be in a minor role and sin, hell, evil, damnation, and righteousness seemed to dominate. I never found that the Bible talked to me and my feeling is it is only a collection of man-made stories. So I went searching elsewhere.

I have now studied and explored some of most religions. Each has good things to offer but my heart and spirit never felt connected. I have found religion not my cup of tea. It seems to me more about control, money raising, and power than about spirit. I don’t understand TV religion at all as far as appeal to souls?

I did learn meditation and that has stayed with me for many years. I also explored yoga and tai chi, which I enjoy very much. Nature is the cathedral I like to spend my time in. I also enjoy reading books for spiritual inspiration. There are many out there to explore. There are enlightened teachers who are more about spirit than any churches. I sometimes take in their perspectives and enjoy the spirit they bring to their gatherings.

Ultimately it feels to me that my inner life is about my relationship with the Creative Source of all things. I don’t know what that is but I do feel the exploration is worth my efforts. I know there is in me a deep connection to all that there is. I have felt the expansiveness of unity consciousness. I am also confident there is a much higher knowing out there than there is in my own awareness. I want to open to my highest realization.

How do you nurture your spirit? What gives you deeper meaning? How do you see God? What practices take you higher?