Higher Values and Global Concerns

Yesterday I wrote about nurturing your spirit and I have thought a lot about this topic over much of my adult life. As I mentioned, I have explored spiritual teachings through a variety of experiences, groups, and teachers. As you can tell from my Blog Mystery School series that happens on Wednesdays, I have explored a rich number of techniques and ideas.

The past 30 years have been in exploration of my higher nature. I have walked through the desert with a group of seekers exploring the power of psychedelics to awaken us. There has been extended spaces of unity consciousness in which the heart was open and connected to all things. There was years of exploring tai chi and the flow of energy and the exploration of other altered states. There was sitting and walking meditation let by esteemed leaders of these practices. There has been and still is an endless chain of books filled with ideas, wisdom and expanded points of view. There have been many spiritual friends to talk to and share ideas. Everything and everybody has touched me deeply. And the search goes on.

So now I bring this rich inner spiritual work to being a conscious and participating citizen. I struggle sometimes because the world of politics and power seems so devoid of real spiritual values. Sure there is much religious posturing but that all feels so surface and approval seeking in how it is used. I may be missing the depth of love and compassion that would seem essential to those that claim to be Christian. Maybe those Christian leaders are confused and think it is ok to start wars, to be run by greed and power, to torture people and to act above the law. Maybe it is just because they have flawed understanding of the higher laws? I do not know what makes them act the way they do but I am sure it is not any kind of God that is loving, that is about caring for all beings. I see a huge disconnect between what is said in the name of religious beliefs and how they act? Do you?

I write about this because it is a dilemma I feel. I want to believe in the goodness of all beings and the rightness in how all things are unfolding under the guidance of a Higher Knowing. I want to trust that all things will work out for the best. Yet I feel such unrest when I look at where this country is heading under this government. An unchecked executive branch, a Congress that has loss touch with the people, the huge ever- expanding influence of money, and the all encompassing corporate take over and I wonder who is looking out for the people in the ways of love, compassion, understanding, caring, fairness, honesty, respect for all of life and other truly spiritual values?

Maybe I am missing something here but it seems to me that things are said not from honesty but to support the agenda of government and corporate power. It seems to me that compassion for children and soldiers is claimed yet the children are denied health care and the soldiers are put in harms way. It seems to me the executive branch claims budgetary concerns yet they run up a huge crippling debt? It seems to me they claim, for our security, the need to reduce our rights and yet we are no more secure? It seems to me that concern for conflict of interest has been thrown out the door? It seems to me that love your neighbor has been replaced with control your neighbor? It seems to me that the heart and spirit of too many people have been lost to power and greed and they are the ones in charge?

I could go on and on about the concerns I have. What about your concerns? If you consider yourself a spiritual person then do you feel the higher laws are losing out to the human urges to control and to take what they can? I need some help here to understand how to make sense out of my belief in the innate goodness and divine nature of all humans and what seems like a loss of contact with the heart and soul of those that would have us believe they are looking out for us? What is your understanding of how this all seems so incongruent to the kind of world I see possible if you and I were truly guided by our hearts and our higher nature?

I hope this stirred your thinking? Mine is very stirred as I try to figure out how I can be in the world in a positive way and not drown in disappointment with how things are.

I write this blog for the purpose of exploring these real concerns for both the raising of consciousness and to help inspire the citizens of the planet to realize their highest potential. Please let me know what your thoughts are and how we together can make sure things go in the direction of what is good for all?