Entertainment or Life?

I was thinking about the prevalence of entertainment in our lives, TV, movies, sports, video games, gambling and more. There is so much going on and it is so easy to get distracted. We come into this life with a purpose and desires that stretch us and help us evolve. Then life happens and we get busy and overwhelmed. To sooth the challenging times we look to get distracted and entertainment, is for most of us, the way. After a busy hectic day, we plop in front of the TV and watch reality shows, movies, sitcoms, sports and are minds can just zone out.

Does that sound the least bit familiar to you? It does to me. After a busy day I can easily choose to trance out and become a bump on the couch in front of the Tube. Sometimes it feels like the TV has the power of a hypnotist and I am captivated by programming that is definitely mind numbing. I am a big basketball fan and now that the season is on I like to check out the games. Fortunately a whole game is too long for me to sit there because I do like to get up and do things. Movies are always fun to watch and with Netflix and Blockbuster you can watch all the movies you want.

Yes when I am tired entertainment is a nice break. However not the kind of break I need for hours each day. I feel too much like I am wasting my life if I spend much time lost in sports or movies or other programming. I have nature to enjoy. I have a workout to get in. I have books to read. I have current events to keep up with. I have relationships to keep growing. I have my role of citizen to keep active. I have writing and creativity to explore. And I have my quiet time to nurture my spirit and to just be. This "just being" time, free of distractions, is more important than you may realize.

My concern is that it is easier for you and I to be entertained than more fully engaged in the world. Entertainment has been raised to such level of hype that it seems it is what is important, but it is not. What is important is your caring heart, your exploratory mind, your energetic body and your longing spirit. Those all need to be expressed. That is what you and I are here for; to express ourselves as fully as we can figure out how to do. Entertainment is a distraction that will never feel as good as exploring our own unique potential and possibilities.

What matters most to you? Is it your heart and your relationships? Is it feeling good in your body? Is it paying attention the call of your mind to expand? Is it the inner sense of purpose that moves you into action? Is it the quiet times where you can contemplate what is important to you? I suspect it is all of this and more. This, you being you, is what it is all about. No entertainment can fill that innate powerful desire to express yourself. Sure entertainment can distract you from that purpose but if it does for very long you will not feel ok inside. The part of you that feel restless and that there is more to do in this life, is the part that longs for your fullest expression.

Entertainment can never fill the void of your mission in this lifetime. So be cautious with how much time you give to the mindlessness of distraction. You are a purpose filled being and that exploration will give you all the meaning and joy you could ever want.