Blog Mystery School Part 5 C

Today is part three of the exploration of selves. I hope so far this has been an insightful exercise for you? I want to share with you another way to heighten you awareness of the self that is running you.

First a reminder, the reason you want to understanding who in running you is to set yourself free. You are not free when unconscious aspects are dictating your response to the world. Let me state that again another way. If you want to be conscious creator of your life then you have to be aware of who in you is in charge. If you have a self that is always worried about money then all your money flow may be tied up with anxiety. If you have a self that is afraid of rejection then you will do all that it takes to avoid rejection even if it means not having the kind of life you want.

The new part I want to talk about today is the listening to your “I’s”. Every time you begin a sentence with “I” a self is speaking. As I am doing now, the “I” in this statement is the one that is a blogger/teacher self. This self is one that has recently evolved into my life and most of the time it is a self that is conscious and productive. If I haven’t said it before then I want to say it here. Some selves can be developed assets because they are aware and useful. The goal here is to be conscious enough to run your own show.

Any time an “I” shows up in a sentence then it is an opportunity to see what self is there in the moment. The more you hear your “I’s” the more you can develop the impartiality necessary to freely choose your life. Impartiality is the self that can objectively observe you and all the selves and hear the “I’s” and make the kind of choices that empower you. Without awareness you are run by your reactive selves. With awareness you are a conscious creator of your life free to be all you are capable of being.

This is the last part of the Exploration of Selves in the Blog Mystery School. I trust that if you have taken the time to explore the ideas here you have created more self-awareness and more freedom in you life. Let me know of any insight you may have gained.

Be free and change the world.