It Is Up To You

Today and tomorrow we are at the Nexus Holistic Fair in Denver at the Merchandise Mart promoting peace and selling our t-shirts and peace cards.  If you end up at the Fair please stop by and say hi.  There could be a surprise for you.  We love to get out and talk to people.  There is much to talk about and so much to share.  I was thinking about how fortunate we are to have these kinds of fairs with their inspiring speakers and so much abundance in the way of interesting things to look at and have if you want.  We do live in a rich and abundant world.  It is too easy to focus on what we don’t have and forget to be grateful for all we do have.  I am guilty of that at times but less so lately as I try to be aware of what thoughts are bouncing around in this busy head of mine.  

Here are some questions you may find helpful if you want to be the successful creator of your life?

1.    What goes on inside of your head?  
2.    Do you focus more on what you have or more on what you don’t have?  Do you see what is good in you or do you focus on what is wrong with you?  
3.    Do you focus on what you appreciate about others or what is wrong with them?  
4.    Do you see the beauty of the world around you or do you just see what’s not ok?  
5.    Do you look in the mirror and love and accept yourself or do you make self-critical remarks?  
6.    Do you focus on what you love about your spouse/partner or what needs to change about them?
7.    What you focus on become your reality, are you focused on seeing the best and creating the best or seeing the worst and creating the worst?
8.    Are you run by positive and supportive thought or critical and limiting thoughts?
9.    Do your feelings run in the direction of hope, gratitude and joy or along the way of fear, doubt and being upset?

I hope your day is full of well-being and that peace and joy is present in the moment.