Sunday Fair and Life Celebration

Yesterday and today, I spent the day at the holistic fair in Denver. I got to talk about ways to be peaceful and to some people who are as passionate as I am about our country and full of concern about where it is going. The fair was not as active as we like it. My wife and I did sell come of our peace t-shirts, which helps support us promoting a more peaceful world. It was a good weekend.

I always meet interesting people at these gatherings. This one had peace and political change advocates. There were a number of healing modalities that offered a lot o promise. There were speakers motivating people to live a more healthy and inspired life. There were others sharing what they were doing to enhance the quality of our lives. The vibes of the place was inspirational and always welcome when taking on a big task like promoting world peace.

I hope your weekend went well and that my questions yesterday in the blog helped provoke some more questions inside of you. Please don’t stop asking and remember to celebrate life in each moment.

Love life
Everything –
pale lights
market medley
of green lettuce
red cherries,
golden grapes, and
eggplants –
all so extraordinary!
You get excited,
you talk to people
and people talk
to you,
you touch
and they touch you
all this is magical
like some
endless celebration.

Eugene Ionesco