Letting The Light In

I was doing my walking meditation this morning and taking in the beauty of nature and the wonder of my mind as it let the light in. Today the morning here in Boulder is warm and bright. I felt I needed to nurture myself by indulging my desires of movement, my feelings of aliveness and my spirit wanting to soar. I wanted to bask my heart in the moments of morning light. This light comes in forms you and I may not even tap into without intention and attention.

Letting the light in happens on multiple levels. The light of the sun is necessary for the cycles of life in you and in all of life. Direct sunlight flowing through the body receptors fills you with what you need to flourish. At another level, light flows to you in the form of inspiration; inspiration from the cosmos, from your higher wisdom, from the infinite source. This expansive light is always there but too often it is not paid attention to or received. This light may come in the form of a thought, an intuition, a body sensation, a call from the heart, a moment of insight, a song that keeps repeating itself, or many other ways.

There is in each moment of each day the opportunity to be guided: by the light of inspiration; by the light of your stillness; by the heart wanting to express itself; by the desire that urges you forward; by the inner knowing; by the knowing of your higher self; by your expansive creativity and by the calling to the light of your spirit. There is so much that wants to be expressed through you and all you have to do is be open, listen, feel and receive. Are you willing to do that? Or are you too busy? Are you open or boxed in by your thoughts? Are you in touch with your heart? Does silence scare you? Is tomorrow your goal and the moment too confusing? Is freedom your desire but you are the jailor?

What if you let the light in? What if you were willing to see all that you can be? What if you didn’t hold yourself back? What if you took a glimpse into your potential and saw no limits? What if the whole you lived in the realization of your oneness with the Source of the universe? What if you gave up your limits and set yourself free?

I invite you to let the light in today as fully as you feel comfortable doing and then let even a little more in to stretch you. You are only limited by how you limit yourself. Extend yourself to the light and see how bright your moment becomes. Welcome yourself into the unlimited. Immerse yourself fully in the Stream of Well Being and be free.

I will meet you in the light.