Blog Mystery School Part 6 – A Reminder

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and what I want to share with you are not a mystery but more a reminder. There are two powerful practices you can utilize to always change your state of being for the better. These two are known by you but often forgotten; your breath and the feeling of gratitude.

It makes total sense that just expanding your breath will make you feel better. The more oxygen in you the more clearly you think, the more energy your body has, and the better you feel. Simple isn’t it. No mystery to how the breath works, yet most of the time you and I don’t begin to breath enough. Life gets busy and we breathe enough to get by but not much more. Here is a practice to expand your breath and give you more fuel in the tank for living optimally.

Sit in a relaxed manner and began to pay attention to the inhale and exhale of the breath. Let all the breath out to the last drop on the exhale, then on the inhale allow the body to fill the lungs inflating the belly on up until the entire body feels full of this life giving flow. Visualize on the inhale you breathe in love, radiant health, positive energy and the abundance of the universe. On the exhale you share this love, energy, health and abundance with the world.

This sets up a rich exchange between you and the world. While doing this feel what it would be like to be full of love, health, energy and abundance. This works both as an affirmation and a body recharge. You can do this practice when you wake up, driving a car, riding a bus, waiting in a line, taking a break, while going for a walk or whenever you can squeeze this breath in. Commit to doing this multiple times each day and you will love the results.

The second reminder is the power of gratitude. When things are stuck and flow is on hold open yourself by focusing on gratitude. There is much to be grateful for just simply being alive, having each breath, each moment, and each possibility. Then if you take it further you can appreciate your body, partner, friends, income, work, home, lifestyle, and all the worldly stuff. The next level of appreciation is for the higher things like love, joy, nature, freedom, inspiration, consciousness, peace, spirit, creativity and much more. Feel the joy and aliveness that comes from being focused in what you are grateful for in your wonderful life.

If you combine the two and breathe with appreciative thoughts you will create the most amazing energy for attracting what you want in your life.

Update: I feel so grateful for all the inspiration I have received this month for my novel writing. The book’s first draft of over 50,000 words is done. That is 145 pages in 20 days. I love to be in the flow and I am deeply thankful for it and from whatever source it comes from. I will have some exciting news about the book soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.