Today is Thanksgiving and I want to say all that I am thankful for:

Each breath
Each moment of life
Each thought of inspiration
Each opportunity to give
Each feeling of love
Each smile I receive
Each ray of sunshine
Each step I take on the Earth
All the joy in my heart
All the abundance of the world
All the consciousness in humankind
All the friends I have
All the possibilities in each day
All the food I eat
My partner Bobbi and the love we share
My warm home on a cold day
The feast I share with Bobbi’s family
My brothers and sisters and Dad
My health and fitness
The sensation of peace inside of me
All that is good for others
All that is well in others
All that brings joy to others
All that spread light on the planet.
All that seek to awaken
All that have peace inside
All that spread the ways of love and compassion
All that respect all forms of life
And you that show such kindness to me in reading my blog and appreciating my expressions of my heart, mind and spirit.

I am full of gratitude for all this and all there was, is, and will be.