Inner Peace, Intention, and 2008

We can never obtain peace in the world if we neglect the inner world and don't make peace with ourselves. World peace must develop out of inner peace.
Dalai Lama

Wednesday Night I watch the Movie,10 Questions For The Dalai Lama” and I found this quote this morning.  The Dalai Lama is a gift to the planet because he sees with great wisdom what the truth is.  The movie is excellent visually and it gives the watcher an wonderful dose of wisdom.  It is available on DVD and a good movie for holiday inspiration.

I feel this quote is in direct alignment about why I write this blog.  Back in 1973, I had the privilege of taking a class that stirred my desire to grow myself as a human being.  Since that time I have actively participated in the exploration of consciousness and the human potential.  I bring those may years of exploring to this blog with the intention of sharing ideas and inspiring self-awareness for the purpose of finding inner peace and thereby making world peace possible.  That is my passion and my purpose.  I want each reader to find him or herself, accept and grow their extraordinary uniqueness, be at peace within, and shed their light and love on the planet.  That will make peace possible.

I write about politics, spiritual ideas, living with purpose, creating success, techniques for consciousness, the importance of desire, about the goodness of abundance, passionate living and much more all to promote self-discovery, inner peace and a peaceful world.  It is my belief that when people find out who they are and living according to the calling of their higher selves, then the world will evolve into a place guided by consciousness, compassion and peace.

We live in an ever-expanding universe.  You expand every day in what you know, what you sense, what you understand, what you are conscious of, and in your capacity to love.  If you would take the time to listen inward and support your growthful awareness, you would find a life of increasing purpose and passion.  I invite you to do that.  I will write to encourage that.  And I do so in the name of peace; inner peace and world peace.

From here until the end of 2007, I am going to focus my blog on inviting you to create the most amazing, wonderful, and peaceful life for yourself in 2008.  I will invite you to become more aware, to pay closer attention to you feeling and desires that are attempting to guide you.  I will encourage you to live in touch with your higher purpose and to express that with passion and focus.  I hope to inspire in you the desire to be a fully engaged citizen and lover of the world.

I want to make 2008 the best year of my life and yours as we explore ways to live from love, walk with peace in our hearts and minds, laugh often and do things that make a difference at so many levels. 

Please join me and keep a journal of next five plus weeks in preparation for 2008.  By January 1st you will see what you want to create, have the focus and intention to create it, and the ways to make that happen. Let 2008 be your best ever.  The more people on the planet with their clear intentions and higher purpose the better.

Make peace and happiness your goal and you will make it happen.