Finding Your 2008 Focus

When planning for next year’s success, the brain/heart storming suggested yesterday is an excellent starting point.  The goal was to get all your ideas out there where you can see them.  These ideas can be images you carry to get a feel for what has passion and energy for you.  The more you tune inward and pay attention the clearer you will get about where to focus your life forces.  Some other key indicators include: what gets you excited; what feels like it has meaning and purpose to it; what fits with what you value; what would be enjoyable and full of life to do?  Let your heart and spirit be guiding lights in this questioning process.

Only you know what would be best for you?  No one else can show you the way.  Be cautious with those who think they know what is best for you.  Part of making 2008 a great year is coming into your own greatness.  That means following your own path, living your own dreams, and listening to your driving desires.  Your greatness comes from aligning with your unique purpose in life and then living that purpose with intention and passion.  That is the mythic hero’s journey and it can be yours too if you pay attention to what you higher knowing tells you.

Take the next few days to tune in and listen for that higher wisdom.  Ways to do that include sitting quietly and listening inward, meditation, a slow relaxed walk, a visit to place in nature, journaling at a coffee shop, reading a book that expands your thinking, or other ways you can discover.  The important thing to do is go beyond the rational, listen to the wisdom of the heart, feel your ideas in your body, be open to the intuitive, let you higher know rise into awareness in whatever form it may take.

This focusing part is very important yet it has to have a playful and joyous side to it.  If you can’t do what you are thinking about doing playfully with love and joy than it may not be where you need to focus your energy.

As we go along on this preparation for 2008 I want to suggest some reading that will be expansive and enriching for you while being simple and brief enough.  One of my favorite books is Richard Bach’s book Illusions.  I highly recommend it because it will expand your thinking about what is possible.  Another book I read this weekend is worth you time because it is about a way to look at money that will open you up to having more of it.  The book is by Barbara Wilder who I met recently at the Holistic Fair.  She is a bright light in the world.  He book is Money Is Love, an uplifting 80 some pages of inspiration.

So if you haven’t brain/heart stormed yet, do that first and then take the time to get clear about where you want to focus those amazing inner resources that you have.  

Please let me know how it goes?  I am always available if you have questions.  Please feel free to leave a comment below or email be directly at