Six Essential Aspect to 2008’s Success

This is day 3 of the planning program for making 2008 your best year ever.   I know if you have been following along, I have you thinking and feeling.  The idea storming generated a good list and the focus ideas have you tuning in.  Now I want to give you a framework to work with.  I want you to divide your prioritizing into the following categories: mind, body, emotions, career, social, and spirit.  These categories will help you fine-tune the focusing and align with what matters most to you.

I want to begin with the mind.  The mind is one of your most powerful tools for creating the life you want.  Your thoughts will shape your experience of the world.  I have some suggestions that will help maximize the minds effectiveness in making the world your desire come true.
•    Keep your mind open for all kinds of possibilities
•    Reduce or eliminate the inner critic, it serves no positive purpose
•    Keep feeding the mind with new ideas and inspiration
•    Quiet the mind daily to allow a deeper knowing
•    Visualize the results you want each day

The body is a very important part of having a happy and successful life.  Your body is temple from which you navigate in the world.  Listening to it and caring for it will make your life go much more smoothly.  Here are some ideas for optimizing your body in 2008.
•    Eat in a way that nurtures you and keeps you light on your feet
•    Have an exercise program that you enjoy, going for walks is a great place to start
•    Take time to relax the body and release the stress
•    Get enough sleep each night by taking time to relax and let go each evening
•    Listen to the wisdom of your body, it always speaks the truth

You are an emotional being.  Your emotions guide you as a compass guides a traveler.  When you are on course, you feel good.  When you are off course, you feel like something is wrong.  I have some ideas that will enable you to better use your emotions.
•    Feel, acknowledge, and appreciate all emotions as helpful guides
•    Pay attention to you heart as the center of love and great wisdom
•    Be cautious when you feel fear, you may be limiting yourself
•    Listen to what your feeling are telling you and take necessary action to improve your emotional state
•    Happiness and joy means you are heading in the right direction

The next consideration is career.   I would suggest you see career in terms of life purpose.  Your career can be the place you make money and hopefully it is filled with purpose.  Having income is necessary and it can be very fulfilling.  That is the goal to have a meaningful career that provides for all you need.  Here are some career considerations
•    Listen inward and seek a career that feels passionate and alive for you
•    Money is a very positive force if you view it that way
•    Seek to live with purpose and to express that purpose through what you do
•    Careers change now for most over a lifetime, keep on remaking yourself to reflect your highest expression
•    Enjoy what you do or do something else

I have come to appreciate the social aspect more as I grow wiser.  Those you love and care about are so key in a happy life.  If you have an open heart and express kindness and caring, your social life will be rich.  Enjoy your social life by exploring some of these ideas.
•    The best gift you can give someone you care about is the gift of compassionate listening.
•    Nurture all your relationship by having an open heart
•    Make time to enjoy the company and ideas of others
•    Interact more in your communities and discover how wonderful people can be
•    Try accepting people just as they are and appreciate their uniqueness

The spirit in you is your life force.  This is the source of the highest knowing in you and the connection to all things.  The spirit was before this life and will continue after.  Get to know your spirit and keep it activated.  Here are some ways to do that.
•    Spend time in quiet contemplation, it will enrich you in amazing ways
•    Nature is a wonderful place to meet you spirit and communicate with it, so is creativity
•    Think in terms of you being a spiritual being having a human experience
•    Listen inward and find your higher self and seek it’s guidance
•    Explore ideas that uplift you and let your spirit soar

If you consider these six aspects in you plan for 2008, you will enrich yourself in many ways.  

Let me know how this is going for you and I will respond to your questions at