A Fire Hose of Focus For 2008

Now that you have thought about and hopefully taken some time to explore the six aspects of your life, I want to share another level of ideas to get you ready.  The first of those ideas is commitment.  I suspect some of you may react to that word in a less than favorable way?  This commitment is only to you.  You are not making any promises to anyone else in the 2008 plan for the best year ever.  This is your plan, you commitment to yourself to take full responsibility for the life you are going to create.  

As a person committed to creating your best year ever, you see yourself as the one that has to make it happen.  You see yourself as the one who will take the actions and shape the results. This puts you in charge of your own life.  Feel the power and responsibility of that.  If fear arises, know that all you have to do is keep on moving forward and courage will join you.

The next idea is focus.  I have already written about the need for focus but there is an image I want you to take with you on this 2008 journey.  The image is a fire hose.  Have you ever seen a fire hose in full action? A fire hose in unrolled from storage and it lays their limp until the water is focused through it at that moment it becomes this incredibly powerful force.  Without focus you are the firehouse in waiting; with focus you are the fire hose in action. In focused action you will be streaming along with power and direction.

Focus of this kind cannot be held continually because it would take too much life force.  You apply focus when necessary to create results.  The rest of the time you keep your attention on your intention. (Wayne Dyer’s book Intention is a great read for inspiration)  Where your mind goes, so does your results.  I will write more about intention and attention as we go along.

The last idea for today is to have fun.  Having fun is essential for at least two reasons.  If there isn’t fun in the life direction you have chosen, it is time to rethink where you are going.  Happiness has to be a goal in mind or the life will run out of life.  Enjoy the journey or you will be unhappy.

The second reason to have fun is because fun feels good.  There is within you a child that needs to play and feel good.  That child is a key component in creating the life you want in 2008.  If the inner child is neglect it will sabotage you along the way.  The child is a huge creative force and necessary to be at your inspired best.  If you are playful and enjoy what you are doing, the child will be a force as powerful as the fire hose engaged in action.

These are all key ideas.  Please take some time to contemplate their place in your planning.  One other book I want to recommend for you to review before 1/1/08, The Seven Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.  This is a favorite of mine because of the depth of wisdom it shares.

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions below or at my email address explorelifeblog@inbox.com