The 2008 Irresistible Attractive Force Is You

Today I am at a Holiday Gift fair from 9 to 9 promoting peace so I put together this quick blog from my 60 Seconds To Success e-book, which I will soon make available to you here on this site.
Do you know you can attract what you want in 2008? How would you like to be irresistible in your attraction? Can you imagine attracting whatever you desire? Here are some quick ideas you can explore each day to help you attract those things and experiences you would love to have this next year.

•    Get clear about what you want and feel good about having it.
•    See yourself as a worthy recipient of this success
•    See yourself as deserving the very best in life
•    Spread you best qualities everywhere you go
•    Be kind and giving
•    Keep your mind positive in all your thoughts
•    Feel totally free to be who you are
•    Take time each day to find your inner peace
•    Imagine that you are in the light of the ever-giving Universe.
•    Imagine you are under the spout where all the good stuff comes pouring out; in the stream of well-being.

When you explore these above ideas you will feel uplifted. This uplifted feeling makes you much more attractive to the world. Have you ever noticed really positive, loving people and how they uplift others? If you haven’t had that experience, seek out people who feel great to be around and then notice how they positively affect others.  You can be a powerfully attractive force in 2008.

Let me know how it goes, below or at