Poetry and Suicide Both Offer Important Lessons

I just got home and it is 5pm after another day at the Holiday Fair promoting peace.  I have been thinking about two events that have raised questions in me over the last few days.  I am always interested in questions that are calling me to be more conscious or live with more meaning. The two events were the readings and commentary by the wonderful English Poet David Whyte who was in Boulder on Thursday evening.  The second event was the report by the Boulder Medical Examiner of suicide by a popular young man who often was very vocal about his Christian faith.

David Whyte’s poetry is deeply moving and it truly seems connected to a higher source.  He is a blessing to all those that have the privilege of hearing him read his poetry and tell his stories.  What struck me deeply was his call for people to quit trying to be invisible and to come into the wholeness.  He says human are the only creatures on the planet that choose to be less than they are.  

I wonder how many people settle for being much less; for just getting by and not going for all they can be?  I ask myself; in what ways can I go for more in my life, how can I make an even more powerful difference?  How about you?  What ways do you hold yourself back?  What ways in 2008 are you willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and into the world in a bigger way?

The death of the young man who inspired others through his faith has left me wondering.  I wonder what was happening on a feeling level for this former University football player.  Did his words not match up with his own inner state of well-being?  How did the words of his faith and his inner relationship with his God not connect with his emotional state?  I wonder and sometimes feel too much emphasis is paid to thoughts and beliefs and not enough to the heart and the feelings that indicate how a person is really doing.  Did he not listen inward to himself?  Did others not listen to his feelings and instead tell him how he should think and believe?  

To me his suicide was a reminder of the importance of feeling what is going on inside.  Thoughts and beliefs are part of who we are, but just as important are the feelings.  Feelings are there to point the way.  Feeling positive and joyous means you are heading the right way. Feeling negative and hopeless means things are not right and they need to be examined.  

In 2008, my request to you is two things: first is to go for as much personal expression as you can, be your best, express your fullest potential in as many ways as you can.  Second is to pay attention to how you are feeling along the way.  If things feel great, you are on the right path; if they don’t, change directions and if you need help ask for it.  

If you live the way of purposeful self-expression and awareness of you emotional states then 2008 will be guided by your heart and your determination to fully express all that you are.  This kind of life benefits you and everyone you interact with on the planet.