Stop Listening To Those Who Seek Control Through Fear

The wind is howling off the Rocky Mountains towards the Plains this bright Sunday morning.  I will have to dress warm on my run into the foothills.  After the last two busy days at the Holiday Fair selling our peace t-shirts and talking about the world, I feel uplifted to know there are more people out there who think critically, who question what is going on, who are not fooled by the rhetoric of those in power, who also are deeply concerned about the future of our country and the planet.  

I have been so focused on sharing ideas that will be helpful for make 2008 a great year for you that I haven’t really talked politics in awhile.  Politics is part of what 2008 is going to be about.  The end of the awful reign of the arrogance, greed and power in this administration will come.  The candidates for the next administration will be trying to impress you and I, but so far I am under whelmed.  

If we are to have the type of government that we the people want than we need a president who speaks for and represents the people, not the corporations.  We need elected officials who live by higher values like truth, fairness, equal justice, compassion, non-violence, understanding, and communications for mutual benefit of all people.

The war is a tragedy driven by power and arrogance.  The fear mongering of those in power is a disgrace whose only purpose is to control the people.  The security issue is not about security for the people, it is about security of power.  If we are buy into what it is said in the name of then we can be controlled.

I want to talk a little about security’s misuse.  I recently got a letter passed on from my Dad (who was not happy with my response to the letter because I questioned what was said.)  The letter in question was from a Christian minister who was sharing with other ministers their beliefs at a prison.  The letter writing minister claimed the Muslim minister (Imam) said that all Muslims were to kill infidels as part of the jihad of their faith.  Infidels (non-believers) are you and me.  I doubted that an Imam would actually say that because their faith is full of loving and kind people who share many similar beliefs with all religions of the world.  (Side note here, if you explore the ideas of the Muslims, Christians, Catholics and Jews you will see they share much more in common in their beliefs than differences)  

So I did some research on the Internet and found out two things.  The supposed minister that sent out this fearful and hateful letter was lying.  There was no Imam there in fact it was a prisoner who spoke about the Muslim beliefs.  The second lie was the fact that jihad was not mentioned nor was that Muslims were to kill all infidels.  He made the whole thing up to spread fear via his email letter.

The important point here is that we must move past the idea that a small band of religious fanatics can take over the world (a small band of religious fanatics in this country is having way to much influence already and that needs to change) and instead come to the place of finding out what people need so that we can all get along.  It simply would take some listening and learning as we go.  Not wars, not a huge defense budget, not more giving up of our rights, not more living in fear, no more giving our power to those who are misguided by power themselves.  We must come from a place of higher knowing and from the heart to assure that our country and the planet survives and thrives.

Let peace, love, wisdom and truth guide your day.