A Peak Into The Future With Much Concern

The Boulder Community visioning process I participated in yesterday was exceptional. The quality of the people, their ideas, their intuitiveness, their compassion was extraordinary. The world is in a time of significant shifting of priorities and focus. The movement to buy local, to support the local economies, and to reduce dependency on oil and the environmental impact of what we do, were all major themes. Each one of these themes is worth your time and energy to explore if you care about the future of water, air, food and energy.

The day was broken into smaller groups and the one I was in focus on the wisdom culture, the community and other concerns. There was a big emphasis on the future for the children. There is much to be concerned about to assure the children have a quality life on a healthy planet. The way most people feel that will happen is to make sure the community takes care of itself.

The intuitive sense for most in my group of 8 was that there was some kind of crisis or natural phenomena that will take place before 2020 that will cause everyone to reprioritize and that is what sets everyone on a course to get things right. I was in agreement and the crisis I sense is one of a government that eventually needs to be reclaimed by the people or the freedom you and I enjoy will be taken away in the name of protection and security.

As I was saying the other day in my blog, there is both optimism for the long run and trust in the higher wisdom of us all but also a disturbing unrest about the government and their taking away of our rights by keeping us afraid. This group I spent the day with, all sense trouble ahead before the greater human consciousness prevails. What is your sense about the future? Do you pay attention to what you know deep inside?

So if you want to through a huge bunch of questions into the mix, I have just the movie for you to see. It is available on your computer at www.zeitgeistmovie.com. I saw if last night on my brother John’s recommendation. This movie will stir you up enough to put you on full alert to be a more conscious human being if you care about our future. There is so much questioned and frankly I am even hesitant to suggest you see it because its questions shake the foundation of what most people believe.

I will say I left the visioning process very hopeful of our innate wisdom and the movie made me even clearer that I need to continue my work of spreading consciousness, compassion and connection now even more. I feel good that there are others wanting to do the same here where I live.

Keep an eye out for those who might be in touch with their higher consciousness in your community. Get to know others you can talk with, share ideas and expand your hearts. Let me know what stirs you and what concerns you?