A World of Consciousness, Compassion and Connection

I choose to believe in a better future then what fear can create. The movie I recommended yesterday is scary in what it says about the past and the prospects for the future. I choose to take the future pictures I got from the film and re-vision them to represent the kind of world I want to be part of now. I choose to see a world filled with consciousness, compassion and connection.

A world filled with consciousness is a world full of bright and awake people who are fully aware of what is going on. This is a world where people ask questions and question authority. This conscious world keeps our elected officials on their task of representing the needs of the people. This conscious world is one where understanding and wisdom is the guide, not ego and greed. This conscious world is filled with creativity and solutions to all of our challenges. Those that have awakened bring their light to everything they do and the world becomes enlightened.

A world of compassion is living by the higher law of love. Love is the guiding force and caring and kindness are the ways people are with each other. A compassionate world is accepting of difference and appreciates all viewpoints. A compassionate world is open to loving everyone just as they are. Even those that are misguided are overwhelmed by the compassion of others and return to the family of human love. Love is the answer to all problems, all we have to do is be wise enough to see and understand that. A compassionate world is full of joy and peace.

A world of connection is about the realization that we all share many more dreams, hopes and desires than there are differences. The connected world understands, that what we do affects everyone on the planet. Our connections on the heart and spirits levels are infinite. The realization of our connection to each other, will open us to find ways to help each other have what we need and want. That helping each other is the powerful solution on a global level too. This connection also includes all living things on the planet and Earth itself. As we take care of all species and the planet we care for ourselves. The highest wisdom of connection is “We are all one.

The ways of consciousness, compassion and connection will create the world we all want to live in and a future where all generations can thrive. I choose to dream and vision this world. I choose to love this world. I choose to hold this world in the light of the highest human possibilities. Would you like to join me?