Intentions For The Week Will Get You Going

It is Monday and here are some ideas to get your week off to a good start.  Take 3 intentions you want to create results on this week.  If you have been following along on this blog with the plans to make 2008 the best ever, then you have some intentions you want to move forward on.  Take three simple intentions to experiment with this week with the goal of seeing them move toward becoming a reality in your life.  Here are 10 steps to empower the intentions:

1.    Begin by reviewing your intentions
2.    Feel, sense, and experience those intentions as if they are already real in your life
3.    Then plan the steps you want to take to move those intentions forward
4.    Take the actions necessary; don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing
5.    Always pay attention to your inner guidance system (feelings) as you go
6.    Review the results and see what is working and what needs to be changed
7.    Adjust along the way to fine-tune the process
8.    Be aware that sometimes the results may come in different ways than you had anticipated; be watchful of what is happening around you
9.    Keep moving forward, follow through until you have completed what you set out to do
10.    Celebrate the results you create and feel how good it feels to be successful

This week you are taking you intentions out for a drive and see how well they handle the road of life.  You are the driver and you apply the gas and make the turns when needed.  You push the gas and go forward paying attention as you go.  You make the turns, course correct according to what you see and the feedback you get from your senses.  You drive until you get there.  You will need fuel along the way and time to rest.  It best if you enjoy as you go and get more excited as you near your destination.  When you arrive, get together with friends and celebrate. The only real stop is when the trip is over and then in quiet contemplation feel thankful for how much richer you life feels.  

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