Listening To Your Source

It is a cold snowy Sunday morning and I am looking forward to cross country skiing somewhere nearby.  I am not a huge fan of the cold but today I will have some and enjoy what winter has provided.  Cross country skiing is fun in new snow because you can go out and make your own tracks flowing through the snow and touring about.  I like the freedom to choose my own path, to go my own way.

It feels better to have control of my own life, my own destiny, to go where my heart guides me.  I am off on one of those paths now and there is much unknown as to how it will all work out.  I have, like everyone else, bills to pay, things to do, purpose to realize, and life to love and enjoy as I go.  If I live in my head and let worry guide me then I lose the joy of the moment.  If I live in my heart and let my intuition guide me then I am open to new and wonderful possibilities. 

So today and in the moments of this day, I am choosing to live with trust in things working out, while living from my heart and listening to the guidance from my intuition.  That is the wisest path because in me is the wisdom and consciousness of all of creation.  My spiritual essence along with my heart are limitless in their knowing what is best for me.  I will pay particular attention to this inner knowing today because much is up in the air as I walk down a path outside my comfort zone. 

Yesterday I wrote about courage, today I want to add listening to the wise source within me.  An inner guided courage takes you where you need to go even if fear wants to side track you along the way.  I write this today because I need to remind myself of these ideas.  The unknown is here and I must go forward.  I will know what to do if I listen.