The Courage To Do What Is Needed

I am noticing what an interesting thing is to do something in a different way.  My wife and I do all these fairs and shows promoting peace and selling our own peace products.  Today my wife is doing one fair and I am doing another.  She tends to deal more with the money and keep track of all the details.  I love talking to people, telling them about what we are up to, and about our organic and sweatshop free t-shirts.  Now I have to handle all the details too.  I find myself feeling somewhat anxious that Bobbi is not here.  Plus it is a very snowy day and she is driving up into the moutains and I just wonder if anyone will show up.

When you and I do something out of our comfort zones it often causes us to be unsure.
  In those moments, feeling unsure or fearful can feel like a challenge.  You can let these feelings stop you or you can go forward anyway.  That point of decision can give you some feedback about who you are.  If you let fear stop you even in small ways than you limit your possibilities.  If you just notice fear and go forward anyway then it opens you to creating more success in your life.  Not letting fear take you out, builds self-confidence and brings courage to your life.  Having courage is an essential ingredient to a fully self-realized life.  

There are many things in life that take courage; take getting past the fear to succeed.  Courage is saying I am going to go ahead even if fear is trying to stop me.  Courage is going against the norm; following your heart; living purposefully; doing what is difficult because it needs to be done; stretching yourself into new directions in life. With courage you free yourself to live fully.

Hope today and every day is filled with all the courage you need to go forward.  The world can be a scary place. Many courageous people are needed in these times when big doses of fear are serve up to us daily by the media and those who are afraid.  Stand out in your life, live with courage and be an inspiration to us all.

Oh bye the way, not many people came to either event so it was a slow day of Bobbi and I but we are finally home safe and warm.