An Open Mind and Heart

These days so full of information and misinformation can make it a challenge to keep open in our minds and hearts.  There are so many people who want to tell us how to think and look at things, what to believe, and give us their obviously biased opinions.  The airwaves are full of so called experts telling us what they think.  If you watch the nightly news, you probably want to barricade yourself and your family in for safety?  Watching the news may also make you want to protect your heart from all that seems so heartless?  If you forget that the news is almost always slanted toward a fear driven sensationalism than you might think it represents reality.  It doesn’t.

The mass majority of people on the planet are actually worth getting to know.  They are well-intended people who feel compassion and love, who think about creating better lives for themselves and those they care about.  They are trying to make sense out of the world as we are.  They may have different beliefs but if we sat down and talked we would find much more in common then not.  

This sitting down and talking is where we need to evolve as a human race.  We need to leave the egos at the door and instead bring our open hearts and open minds.  A closed mind is worthless in resolving problems because all the options are closed down by it’s narrowness of thinking.  A closed heart is a very sad thing to happen to a human because it means they shut down their ability to have compassion for others and to really understand on a deeper level.

An open mind and open heart sets you free to:
•    Understand other viewpoints
•    Be loving to yourself
•    Be loving to people who are different than you
•    Allow your mind to be in wonder
•    Allow your mind to wander about into new areas of insight and awareness
•    Feel for where people are coming from
•    Find inner peace
•    Have compassion for the suffering of others
•    Be open to receiving and giving love
•    Listen to the intuitive knowing within
•    Enjoy life more fully
•    Find answers to conflicting points of view
•    Explore your potential
•    Expand your comfort zone
•    Be open to many more possibilities
•    Eliminate enemies by seeing we are all one
•    Find the joy in each moment
•    Make a difference in the world

What other ways can an open minds and hearts expand you and the possibilities of the global human community?

Join me and we can all open up to making the world a better place.