Income Equals Activity of Consciousness

In the Success Book by John Randolph Price (a wonderful little gem of a book) the author makes a very interesting statement about how the Universe compensates us.  He says, “The Universe does not compensate individuals based on the activity of the work, but on the activity of consciousness.”  What do you make of that statement?  

I see it as an invitation to be a fully loving and conscious human being in all that you think, feel and do.  Loving, every part of you and every part of life you are involved in and aware of, is what is called for here.  Being a fully conscious human with your thoughts expansive, your actions in awareness, your feelings in alignment and your heart aglow.  Are you up for that?  

I am writing about this as a reminder to you and to myself about the importance of being at our highest level of functioning for the rest of this year and for making 2008 the best year ever.

I want to give you a picture of how a day like that might look and feel:

You wake up in the morning and while still lying in bed you plan for your successes of the day.  You see yourself acting wisely with an open heart in all that you are involved in.  You feel full of awareness and love as you go through the day.  All things that come your way, you handle with compassion and peace of mind.  You see the results you want and allow it to happen in the best of ways.  During this visualization you set yourself free to be successful by fully loving yourself and being in your highest level of consciousness.  

Now you get out of bed and get ready for the day.  When time permits you meditate or take some time here and there to renew the images in your mind and heart of how you want your day to unfold.  Always feel the feelings and have your thoughts at your highest level of awareness.  Feel the joy of being fully present in your life, fully alive and purposeful.

Then as the day progresses feel yourself with a warm heart surrounded by the light of your expansive nature.  Attract what you want by doing what you do with purpose and intention.  Your desires stretch you out into your fullest expression.  Your thoughts encourage and inspire you.  Your heart opens you and spreads the most wonderfully attractive energy.  Your actions create effortless and easily while manifesting the best results for good of all.  

As the day heads toward evening, you take another time to sit quietly and contemplate the day.  Reminding yourself of all the abundance and joy that has been made available.  Soak in the blessings of the day and enjoy the moments of expansion and knowing.  Relax now and spend time nurturing your mind, heart and spirit.

The day comes to an end and it is time to lie down for sleep.  In the quiet moments, before you slip into a deep and renewing sleep, you feel in you heart gratitude for all the gifts of life your received that day, for the love, the results, the income, the inspiration, the health, the joy and all else that enriched your life.  What an extraordinary day it has been.

I hope you can see, feel, sense that way of manifesting your day.  Please explore and explore and grow as you go into this most incredible flow.  

Peace, consciousness and abundance to you this day.

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