No More Settling For Less

Ok I am back from my political self yesterday that wanted to give you lots to think about.  Today I want to lift you higher.  The middle of the month is near and so 2008 is around the bend.  My goal has been to suggest a number of ideas to encourage you to have the best year ever in 2008.  My 60 Seconds To Success and my 30 Day Success Plan are available to you in e-book form (see e-books for sale) as are my previous blogs about success over the last few weeks.  Now I want to invite you to venture out of your comfort zone and into a fuller expression of your potential.

I want to start by recommending a site that is just cooking with great ideas and inspiration.  Brian Johnson has put together a wonderful collection of what he calls Big Ideas.  Check them out at   I just read about 15 of them and there are over 500 ideas and I can’t wait to spend more time there.

Isn’t it time to go for more then an ordinary life?  How did we buy into such limitations, such small pictures of possibilities?  How come getting by is enough? What in you is calling for exploration and expression.

I wrote very briefly about a young engineer friend of mine in the blog yesterday and I wanted to say more.  He works for a firm that expects him to work for free part of the time when he goes over his forty hours.  The company thinks that is ok to make people work overtime to get projects done and not to pay for their time unless it gets to be a lot more time.  How come companies can demand that in the name of profits?  It is because we let them do that.  I guess we feel like our time is not worth that much so we let them own us for 40,50, and sometimes 60 hours a week?  I think that is unacceptable.

Our self-esteem gets battered as we grow up.  That is one of the reasons we undervalue who we are.  Schools grade us as if that is important.  Parents put us down like they were put down growing up.  Society has many rules about what is right and wrong.  Churches are primary self-esteem crushers in the name of sin and guilt.  I say, leave all that nonsense behind and come more fully into who you are now.  

Let me give a quick review of the equipment you got working for you.  You have this brain that is better functioning then the best computer money can buy.  You have feelings that constantly tell you how things are going; if you are on course or off course.  You have a heart that beats and powers you and is capable of unlimited love.  You have a body that is made to move, dance, play sports, do yoga, sing and walk across the planet. You have senses that can: taste warm chocolate, bite into a lemon and pucker; hear a symphony or a cricket; see the beauty of nature or the simple complexity of a Rothko painting; or feel the softness of your lovers skin or the prick of a rose thorn. You have a spirit that knows no limits and can soar to the highest of possibilities.  There never has been found a limit to the creativity that resides in you or any human being.

Yes you are equipped to more then succeed, you are equipped to excel, to expand beyond limits, to go express yourself in ways yet unknown and you have the abilities to uplift everyone you meet.  Are you ready to tap into the next level of your expression?  I am ready to tap into mine.  Let’s see where this takes us.  

Let me know how you excel and expand.  Questions and consultation available at