Positive Power to Make a Difference

I was ready in Shakti Gawain’s book Creating True Prosperity that from her perspective, the main reason people don’t have the money they want is because they have issues with power.  Her formula is    Money = Power
and if we are uncomfortable with power then money will only be as much as we need to get by.

This got me thinking about power and what it means to me.  I must admit to having a list of negatives connotations tied to power.  I won’t list them here but look to see if you also have a number of negatives linked to power?  If power is not ok in our thinking then according to Shakti, money will not flow easily in our direction.  I don’t want to limit the flow of money in my direction, do you?  Are you willing to examine your own power limitations and move on from them?

What I want to share is what are the positives of power and ask you to come up with your own list.  The following is my list of unique types of power each of you has:
1.    to listen and build wonderful relationships
2.    to be compassionate and understand others
3.    to support whatever we really believe in
4.    to be conscious and aware within and in the world
5.    to uplift and inspire others
6.    to love, give and be kind
7.    to pay attention to you feelings and be guided
8.    to follow your intuition as it shows you the way
9.    to put your attention on what you want and make it happen
10.   to have values and live by them
11.    to change beliefs that limit you
12.    to lift yourself to amazing heights through your thoughts
13.    to set goals for yourself and realize them
14.    to be energized by your purpose and passions
15.    to make a difference in the lives of those around you
16.    to make a difference in the world
17.    to be free to express who you are
18.    to be creative in all that you do
19.    to soar with the spirit inside of you
20.    to be joyous and happy every day of your life

What would you add to this list?  Are you ready to step into your own power and make you life incredible?  If you felt free of limits, what would you do with your life for the next year or longer?

Keep expanding from this list.  See, feels, and sense yourself being in your own power and being powerful out in the world.  Then let the money flow so you have all the resources you need to be fully empowered.