On The Radio and In Poland

The last few days have been exciting as it seems all kinds of connections are happening.  Yesterday, I was involved in a meeting about an exciting project some of us are putting together.  I will write more about that in the next few months.  Last night I was interviewed on a internet radio show about peace, inner peace and what part we can do to spread more understanding on the planet.  I will have a link for you with that interview as soon as it is posted.  There are number of other positive things happening.  

I found my blog was referenced on a blog in Poland all though I couldn’t read what it said, I got excited to know that my blog reaches people all over the world.  This is an interestingly humbling experience for me.  I feel so blessed to write with passion and purpose and to know from their comments that people actually get real value from what I have to say.

My Peace Together NGO is also doing well and my wife and I have had many sales lately of our products (our t-shirts and cards make great holiday gifts).  It feel like the flow is growing and that is such a positive feeling.  I would like my e-books to sell more as a way to support this blog.  What flow in your life do you want to grow?  Do you want more love, more money, more purpose, more happiness and/or more health in your life?  Whatever you want is possible if you decide you want it.

The important thing to remember is: what you put your attention on will come into your life.  When you carry with you a powerful sense of what you want, you will make it happen.  Thought and feelings in alignment with what you want will cause a powerful attraction.

I have been thinking lately about money as energy and flow, as love in action, as power to make a difference.  Money can be a hugely powerful force in the world.  I want more money so I can make more of a difference.  I love giving in support of people and organizations that are trying to make the world a better place.  If I had millions and millions of dollars I would give millions and millions of dollars.  What would you do if you had lots of money to give?

Earlier in the year I wrote an article called the Billionaire Heart and lately I been think about that idea.  I will write more about having a Billionaire Heart soon because in these times we live in, there is such a giant need for giving.  If you had a billionaire heart how would you give to make a difference?

I have been wandering about in my writing today.  There is so much going on and I am excited.  I know 2008 will be my best year ever so I invite you to also know that about your life and together we will make it happen.

Another opportunity just came to us (as I am writing this) for our peace company for later today.  I will post more tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend.