The One Political Party of Self-Interest and Power

I read last night that the US Senate voted 90 to 3 in support of further funding for the War in Iraq with not timetables for withdrawal or in any way trying to end the war.  I am frankly totally disgusted with the leadership of this country.  In my eyes, war is murder and this funding support is murderous to our soldiers and the 100,000’s of Iraqi family members killed in the name of whatever ridiculous ever-changing rationale is fed to us.  I have had enough.  Have you had enough yet?

I got a letter from my congressman asking for support in his run for the Senate.  I sent him a heated letter in response.  I have been a Democrat my entire life and I told him I am disgusted with the lack of leadership shown by him and all the Democrats who have provided no opposition to the insanity of this administration.  Starting a war was insane and still allowing it to go on is even more insane.   

I wrote in my blog on Tuesday (Citizen’s Alert) about America’s slide toward fascism under this administration.  The Democrats have allowed this to happen instead of providing the checks and balances that is their responsibility. Under Cheney and Bush this country and its people have been neglected in their pursuit of power and fortune for themselves and their friends.  They are poster boys for “conflict of interest”, which use to be considered wrong, I thought?

I know I am ranting but frankly we all need to rant because what is going is very upsetting.  This war support and compliance for all that is wrong with this president and VP makes no sense, unless of course, there is only really one political party.   The party of Self-Interest and Political Power is what this gathering of politicians and lobbyist in Washington DC could be called?  What would you call this one party that doesn’t represent the needs of the people?

I suggest you write and call your elected officials and you keep writing and calling them until they office are filled with letters, the computers jammed with emails and their phones overloaded with messages of what we the people want.

I want and end to the War in Iraq now
I want health care for every American
I want the US to participate with the rest of the World to save our environment
I want people to have power over corporations not the opposite
I want Education to be a priority over bomb making
I want leadership that is about higher values and truth
I want elections that are honest and with a paper trail for accountability
I want all torture to stop
I want all people held illegally to be brought to trial
I want to end the building of prisons and instead funding to help those in need of help and healing
I want a nation of conscious, critical thinking, and questioning voters
I want all people’s religious beliefs allowed but not a part of our government
I want everyone to have food and a place to stay
I want love, compassion and understanding to be the highest law of the land

What do you want?  Are you willing to stand up and speak up for what you think is right?

2008 is quickly coming our way and I suggest we all make a commitment to be courageous and together let’s stand up for truth, understanding, compassion and peace.

Let me know what you think?  Are you willing to commit to a better world?