Holiday and 2008 Hopes

How is it going for you as Christmas gets close and the New Year is near?  What are your hopes, dreams and desires for these holidays and what would you like your life and the world to be like in 2008?

I have to write about what I hope for 2008.  Please let me know what you hope for 2008.  Here is my list:

1.    That love, compassion and understanding is awakened in every human being so we can live in peace
2.    That consciousness expands so that every human is filled with the light of self-love and true wisdom
3.    That we learn to take care of our Earth so it can provide for us the highest quality air, water and resources we need
4.    That heart driven and brilliantly inspired leadership in this country arises and expands the possibilities of our nation and all nations of the world
5.    That we learn to accept all being as they are and appreciate our differences.
6.    That we make sure all those less fortunate have all the food, shelter, education and medical care they need to thrive
7.    That we evolve in a way that expands our ability to listen, to care for and to be guided by kindness
8.    That we move past our self-imposed limitations and support and encourage those around us to do the same
9.    That we live each day with the passion of a purpose driven life
10.    That we celebrate many successes and share our good fortunes through meaningful difference making
11.    That we have all the prosperity and abundance we desire
12.    That we find true happiness is our lives and spread joy by being all we are meant to be.  

Those are some of my hopes for the upcoming year.  What would make this next year special for you?  Please spend time opening to what you want for you, those you love, and for all people on planet.  If you and I can imagine it, we can make it happen.  Think big and feel with passion and there is no limits to what we can do.