Seeking Truth And Not Being Negative About What You Find

How is it going today?  I spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening rushing around getting ready for Christmas.  We got our packages mailed off this morning.  Now I can sit back and relax some because most of the rush is over.  It was fun but there was some stress I could feel inside of me.  I carry stress in my stomach when I feel worry or hurry going on inside of me.  Where does stress hang out it you?

My mind has been busy these days thinking about what I want 2008 to feel and be like.  I keep on bumping up against my ideal and my concerns for where my country is heading.  I want the best for myself and for everyone.  Yet I see that there are many forces out there driven by other than compassion and guided by other then higher consciousness.  

It seems like every day there is something more to pay attention to if I am to be informed. Yet paying attention to all that seems wrong and needs to be corrected puts me in a state of mind that is not optimal for creating the life I want.  The more I focus on what seems wrong, the more I put myself into a negative, blame frame of mind.  This makes me want to ignore what is going on at the FCC, Congress, the phone companies spying, at the Attorney General/Justice department, voting machines, more unchecked funding in Iraq, and all the other places where wrong things are happening and we citizens are being taken to the cleaners.  

Instead I could just focus on making 2008 better for my wife and I and ignore the other stuff, but I can’t.  I feel as an aware human being, I need to ask questions and keep this country going in the right direction.  Since I have viewpoint beyond my own needs I feel obligated to see the bigger picture and speak up for what is not right.  

So I am dragging one foot through the mud and muck of government and corporate domination and the other foot wants to run free, love and live in joy and abundance.  Can I do both?  

How do you work through seeing what you see and still keeping focused on being positive about the future?  How do you keep your vibrations high enough to attract what you want and yet be engaged as an active truth seeking citizen?  What works for you to balance the components of the jaded world of power and your personal power?

Your ideas and feedback are welcome.  I don’t have the answers and I wish I did.  What are you learning out there in your experiment called life.  Please share your insights, we can all be enriched by them.