My Inner Child Loves Christmas and Big Ideas

Are you like me and get excited as Christmas gets near?  I guess the kid in me is still alive and well and ready to enjoy all the fun stuff connected with this time of year.  As an adult, the fun stuff is sometimes not as fun unless you find ways to nurture the child in you. My wife and I will probably do a fun art project on Christmas Day as a way to feel the joy of creating and being playful. The exchange of gifts is really exciting to me and my inner child.  If it snows we may go play in nature on our cross-country skis.  I love to cook, so we will have something we enjoy to eat.  Having a joyful day seems to me to be the best way to celebrate this holiday.  We are not churchgoers; our spirits seem most nurtured by expressing love, being joyous and spreading peace. 

How do you make this time of year special?  What nurtures your spirit?  What do you do out of habit that needs to change?  What new ways will bring more life to this time of year for you and those you love?  What will let you child out to play?  What beliefs or past conditioning hold you back from having fun?  What will set you free to enjoy yourself and your family?

As usual I have lots of questions to ask.  If you read my blog, you understand that I think questions are essential to being a conscious human being.  I was reading through Brian Johnson’s 500 Big Ideas at and came upon his 100 Questions.  There is an exercise here that is well worth your time to do.  I started on his exercise and the questions are inspiring me on how I will focus my 2008 Intentions.  I invite you to explore this exercise the rest of this month.  I know you will be busy.  But carry a little notebook and write your questions down in spare moments.  This will be part of your exploration to make 2008 your best year ever. 

Enjoy your weekend