10 Plus 10 Equals Success in 2008

Over the last month or so I have recommend a number of processes to help you plan for making 2008 your best year ever.  If you have explored the ideas you are ready to move forward.  If not, then take the next day or two to read over the pertinent blog postings (go to my Journal Archives on right hand column of blog and check out over 20 articles on ways to make 2008 great for you that I have written since Thanksgiving).  My 2 Success Book Series would also be very helpful if you are cramming to get ready for next year.  

Now take the time to review what you want to bring into your life in 2008.  Those 5-10 important additions are best if they make sense, feel right, have heart, and make your spirit want to soar in anticipation.  If you have mixed feelings about any of you 5-10 life enhancing desires then those are best left off the list.  Things can be added or subtracted from the list when needed.

Next take that list and if you have done the 100 questions exercise suggested at ThinkArete.com you know have your top 10 questions that will help guide you.  So you have 5-10 desires and 10 guiding questions.  I highly suspect that there will be some significant overlap.  Those desires that match with your important life questions have much significance for you.  

As I reviewed my 10 questions and my top 10 commitments for 2008, I found they were fully aligned but two things seem to stand out for me.  One was a question of politics, which Peace Together and this blog address to some degree but not at the level it occupies my thinking and it is not specifically addressed in my 10 commitments.  I was raised in a family that has always been involved in politics.  As you know from my blog I write at least weekly on political issues.  I decided from this observation that I needed to be involved in more active ways expressing my progressive ideas.  I will work on formulating a commitment.

The second observation was my top question fits squarely with all my purpose driven ideas.  That question. “How can I make a bigger difference for more people?” seems perfectly aligned with my desires to be more loving, to be conscious, to teach and to do presentations, to spread peace, to get my musical, novel, blogs and websites more out there in the world.  It seems to me, I have a rich collections of possibilities and I am excited about the prospects.

Are you ready to go forward with what you want to happen?  I suggest that there may be some beliefs that could limit your and my success.  Take the next few days to do a thorough assessment of any self-limited thoughts or beliefs that may hold you back.  Listen carefully to your inner dialogue to make sure you internal programming is set for success.  As I wrote, the other day, you and I both deserve to have the life we desire and only you and I will hold ourselves back.  Get out of your own way and I commit to getting out of mine.  

Print or write out your questions and commitments and have them around for you to review and possibly fine-tune over the next few days.  On 1/1/2008 you want to be fully ready to focus your efforts.  Make this year a showcase of manifesting what you want and living with such purpose that your life will always be enriched by what happens over the next 365 days.

Live long, be peaceful, love constantly, seek to inspire and be inspired, and prosper daily.