Can You Allow Yourself To Have What You Want?

When I think about 2008, the word “allowing” comes to mind.  I have been reading over this holiday week the latest Abraham/Hicks book, The Astonishing Power of Emotions and Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and both books have inspired me to think more expansively about what is possible.  These two book are very different, yet they both share the theme of fully exploring and expressing who we are.  

With this expanded thinking provoked by my readings, I move forward with my plan to allow and create the life I want.  Yet I suspect there are old stinky beliefs against this allowing.  The reason I suspect this is because I have for many years explored opening to a more abundant flow and the results have been less then stellar.  So allowing will be one of the themes I explore and follow over the next 12 months to bring about a breakthrough.  

Here is my plan for allowing:

•    Begin by recognizing that I do deserve what I want
•    Remember and remind myself that I am directly related to the Creative Force of the Universe
•    Let my innate wisdom and intuitive guidance show me the way to the life I desire
•    Be watchful for the thoughts that bind me and let them dissolve
•    Remember that my desires send me on a course to thinking, feeling and realizing in increasing expansive ways
•    Open my mind to the infinite possibilities that are waiting for me to be receptive
•    Open my heart and love myself and all things as fully as I am able
•    Sit in quiet readiness for guidance and the flow of the stream of well-being
•    Feel and see as if what I want is already my reality
•    Live in joy and gratitude each day

Would you like to join me and set yourself free to allow the most extraordinary life?  Of course you would, but are you willing to love yourself and be open to receiving what you want?