What Is YOUR Highest Nature?

What is your highest nature?  I wanted to follow up with yesterday’s ideas for allowing with an exploration of who you and I are at our essence.  As you might well guess, this is a question that is not easy to answer because there are many opinions on the topic of human nature.  I have spent much of my adult life (over 35 years) exploring this topic in my own self, in my working with others, in my meditation and through my reading.  I am not an expert but I do have my own experiences and intuitive sense.  

There is in you and I an unlimited potentialOur birthright is from the Divine Source of the Universe.  If it is God you use to describe this Source, please realize you are the son or daughter of God as was Jesus.  You have the same potential to realize your Divine nature as Jesus had.  I must admit to questioning the Biblical accounts of who Jesus was.  There is however little doubt his life was exceptional and that miraculous things happened as part of realizing his own Godlike nature.  

You too have the same capacities as any son or daughter of the Divine Source.  Take a moment to think about those fellow humans who have been an example to you of holy or heroic.  You have their same capacities.  What is holding you back from being as amazing as they were in their lifetime?  Maybe your heroic person is still alive and you can watch them evolve into even higher states of realization.  

What comes to mind as I write this is God-Realization or Self-Realization.  Isn’t that possibility available to all of us?  I remember reading a story of one of the living Divine Mothers from India who came from an uneducated family who use to abuse her because she acted so different than the rest of them.  She is now living in the world as a holy example of Highest Love to all who know her.  Her early life was part of her journey to her God-Realization or the full realization of here Higher Self.

I find myself hesitant at times to use the word “God” because the idea of who God is has been so abused by those that claim to speak in His/Her name.  Please don’t check your questioning mind at the door if you attend a church.  You know as much about God or the Divine as any minister or so called spokesperson.  All you have to do is sit and listen to your heart and your higher nature.

Make this next year a time of exploration of your own highest possibilities.  You too can become God-Realized/Self-Realized.  You too can live a heroe’s journey filled with purpose.  You too can be part of a miraculous life.  You too can love with the same capacity of the Divine Source of all love.  You too can be courageous enough to fully express all that you have been placed on this earth to do.

Are you ready to put away your excuses, drop your blaming, take full responsibility for you life, live with purpose and courage and allow your highest and holiest expression?  I suspect there is a part of you reading this that is saying YES!!!.  Please let that highest part of guide you in 2008.  We need as much light shining in the world as each of us can make happen.

Let me know when and how your turn you own light on.  I will share my experiences as the year progresses.